The Adding Machine: Selected Essays

The Adding Machine: Selected Essays

Language: English

Pages: 205

ISBN: 0805000003

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Book by William S. Burroughs

Evolution 2.0: Implications of Darwinism in Philosophy and the Social and Natural Sciences (The Frontiers Collection)

Here is New York

The New Kings of Nonfiction

Raids on the Unspeakable

Halls of Fame

Essays on Life, Art and Science














prayers have been answered.’ She was a very religious woman. The only book in her house was the Bible. At the very moment of her death waves of happiness and euphoria swept the neighborhood: ‘It was a feeling of relief,’ one neighbor said. ‘Like something awful went away and you can breathe again.’ ‘C.D. can stand for Common Decency. When someone needs help you give help. When someone wants to be left alone you leave him alone. He has a right to his space. The principles of the Johnson Family.

manifested through the non-dominant brain hemisphere we realize that while it may in some cases be a source of pathological and destructive thought and behavior, the non-dominant brain hemisphere is also the source of artistic and creative thought, useful intuitions and ESP faculties, spatial perception, of valuable and essential abilities. It seems evident that consciousness has been so altered since the 19th century partly through therapeutic approaches opened by Freud and his followers, that

Semantics, the ‘meaning of meaning’, points out that Western thought has been crippled by the formulations of Aristotle and Plato. We are still thinking in either/or, absolute terms that don’t correspond to what we know about the human nervous system and the physical universe ... Korzybski would start a lecture by thumping a table ... ‘Whatever this may be it is not a table. It is not the verbal label table. We can call it anything so long as we agree that this object is what we are referring

He failed and called a special number in Washington. On the way to the editor’s office the boy was hit and killed by a laundry track. So that cleaned that up. Murder by car perpetrated during a ten-minute walk through city streets? I recollect the old days in Chicago, when the driver often had to follow the target around for weeks in a souped-up car before he got a clear shot. The Company must have had a way of pushing the target in front of the truck... The magical push or pull, which potent

horse, all he has to say is ‘BUGGER THE QUEEN!’ It’s like a re-make of the Magna Carta. Owing to a power shortage the Queen signs her abdication by flickering torchlight ... and good riddance to the Gombeen Woman.

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