The Alien Invasion Survival Handbook: A Defense Manual for the Coming Extraterrestrial Apocalypse

The Alien Invasion Survival Handbook: A Defense Manual for the Coming Extraterrestrial Apocalypse

W.H. Mumfrey

Language: English

Pages: 224


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Resistance is Your Prime Directive

Have you ever experienced a sensation of missing time? Have you ever found a metallic implant somewhere in your body? It's likely that you're a victim of alien abduction, and you don't even know it.

Aliens are among us. While the true intentions of these mysterious intruders from outer space are unknown, there's no doubt that their actions are nefarious. It's your right - your civic responsibility - to learn the skills necessary to protect yourself, your loved ones and ultimately your planet.

Aliens want to whisk you away in the night to perform terrifying experiments on you. Isn't it time you learn how use your MP3 player to defend yourself from their paralyzing powers? Shouldn't you know how to evade the pursuit of a flying saucer? Wouldn't you sleep better at night knowing some proven hand-to-hand combat techniques guaranteed to stop your extraterrestrial foe in its tracks?

Make no mistake - our world is under attack and this handbook may be the only thing standing between the human race and total annihilation. Read it and join the resistance.

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trigger device. The Porcupine Trap Preparation time: 1–2 hours Level of difficulty: easy Location: woodland or forest The porcupine trap is similar to Vlad the Impaler in that it utilizes a log hoisted into the treetops, but it varies in that the log drops vertically onto the unsuspecting alien rather than swinging down. This trap is particularly suited to woodland and forest environments with sufficient canopy cover to conceal the spiked log. Ensure a section of path is selected with

pinpoint your location and track every move you make. There is little point trying to sneak down corridors or hide in dark recesses. Abandon all pretenses of stealth and head toward your goal without hesitation or restraint. Success will not be achieved by the cautious. 8. TAKE NOTHING BUT MEMORIES (LEAVE NOTHING BUT CORPSES). Resist the temptation to take any mementos from the spacecraft upon your exit. Although you may think they would look good on your mantle or prove themselves useful for

an unprotected human being surviving in space has been a hot topic for discussion since the 1968 classic science-fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey, in which astronaut Dave Bowman “blows” himself from the pod into the airlock without a helmet. How long can a human survive if exposed to the vacuum of space? Would you explode? Would your blood boil? How long would you remain conscious? These are all important questions if you suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself expelled from an alien spacecraft

but they … The rest of the page is missing. What can be read of the last entry of the journal tells of the author's journey with the Inuit and their preparation to make a hazardous open-water crossing. Although the details of the writer's fate remain a mystery, we do know that he never reached the Great Slave Lake settlement. 1862, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA Confederate captain Uriah Smith, working under orders from Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, lead a small company of Confederate soldiers on a

their reality has drifted from our awareness. Modern folklore has suggested that aliens come from any one of a number of star systems, including the currently popular Zeta Reticuli, a binary star system located about thirty-nine light-years from Earth in the constellation Reticulum. In reality, however, we know no more about where they come from than we do about how they got here. It is difficult to comprehend how it is possible to travel the vast distances of interstellar space within

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