The Amazing Mexican Secret (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures)

The Amazing Mexican Secret (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures)

Josh Greenhut

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 0606151664

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. In this fifth installment of Stanley's international adventures, Stanley is off to Mexico in search of a secret ingredient! Assisted by some new friends, Stanley dodges spies and sails over waterfalls in a Mexican adventure with a surprise twist.

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Lambchop chimed in. “You flew on arctic winds to northern Canada,” grumbled Arthur. “That was another trip I missed.” “Why, Mexico is just south of the United States of America,” said Mrs. Lambchop. “That makes it practically next door!” 2 The Matador Stanley Lambchop awoke to the sound of applause just outside his envelope. Somebody must have informed the Mexicans of his arrival! Since becoming flat, Stanley had grown used to attention. Sometimes he did not like it, especially

when strangers called him “Flatty.” But he had also found that there was such a thing as good attention. He remembered the reporters who crowded around him after he saved President Lincoln’s nose from breaking off Mount Rushmore. He thought of the crowds calling his name as he stood with the movie star Oda Nobu in Japan. And now, he had arrived in Mexico to thunderous applause! Stanley hoped he would have a minute to straighten himself. He liked to look presentable for his public. At that very

moment, someone tore the envelope open, and Stanley leaped out, smiling for the crowd. But there was no crowd in sight. It appeared that Stanley was just outside the door of a massive stadium. The crowd must have been inside. A giant sign above the gate said PLAZA DE TOROS MÉXICO. Staring down at Stanley was a beautiful woman in a fancy velvet outfit with a frilly white shirt. “¿Quién es?” she said sharply. “I’m afraid I don’t speak Spanish,” said Stanley, slightly embarrassed. “Who are

hurt,” Eduardo said. “From your stories…you seem so fearless and…indestructible. Like you are made of rubber. We thought you would like to be the piñata.” Stanley shook his head sadly. He folded himself to the ground. “I can get hurt,” he said quietly. “I know I didn’t make it sound like I can. But I can get hurt just as easily as anyone. I should have been honest with you.” Eduardo was frowning. “I’m sorry,” Stanley said softly. He gave a heavy sigh. “All I want is to get Carlos’s great

is she?” Stanley said. Carmen walked across the floor. She turned to face Stanley, her silhouette framed by an archway identical to the one they had entered. “When I was your age,” Carmen said, “only boys were matadors. Even then, I knew I wanted to fight bulls. I cried very much, because it was not fair. It was not fair that I was a girl. It was not fair that I had this body. “But then, someone very wise told me a secret. And now I will tell that secret to you: It is not what you have that

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