The Anti-Everybody Joke Book

The Anti-Everybody Joke Book

Sidney Spite

Language: English

Pages: 109

ISBN: 0770104827

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


A joke book, truly tasteless humor. Really should offend everybody


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Sharks eat seamen. *** What's doggie-style for a J A P? She plays dead while her hubby begs. *** Where do JAPs like to keep their assholes? In separate beds. *** What's the best position to eat out a JAP? On your knees begging. *** What did the J A P say when her husband pissed on her? "I said I wanted a gold shower, not a golden one." *** What's it called when a shy, withdrawn woman becomes an outspoken feminist? To add lib. *** Wh at's a Libber who gets killed at a rally? A fcm(inist)

concerned, the booger the better · 32 A Nerd finds satisfaction by tinkering with his erw set. * * * What do Nerds call sperm on the ceiling? A successful launch. * * * What's a perfect Christmas gift for a Nerd? A lifetime supply of Kleenex. * ** A typical day in the life of a Nerd: 8:00 A .M .: He wakes up and eats his Rice Crispies a r~ prune juice. 9:00: He jerks off. 10:00: He plays with his chemistry set. I 1:00: He jerks off. He eats a bologna sandwich and a Tab. Noon : 1:00 P.M .:

ya 11 his pimples excitement.. uch intense pleasu t of his face. ~ clenched 10 sd white pus oozes ~u "1 thought yo~ pop at once a.n ,.. the whore exclaims. out of yours! •Jesus Chnst. . my face, not said you wanted to cum m ~iwte fi~d o: rr~~ What do you get when you combine two Nerds? A big dork with a little dick. * * * Nerd have wonderful sexua I expenenc · es . but there' never anyone there 'o enjoy it with them. * ** withtohim. A Nerd finally gets a girl to go to. a ?1 ovie mazed sec

t' s a Hi ppie prostitut e ca ll ed ? A h ooka h . 46 Why do Hippies make such good plumbers? They're familiar with water pipes. * ** Hippies wear musical clothes .. . headbands and bellbottoms. *** What did the Hippie say when his crop of homegrow n was a success? Farm out. * * * What do Hippi es and hobos have in common? Bum trips. *** Hippies get messed up on mescaline and silly on psi locybin . *** What kind of room do Hippies like best? A mushroom . *** Wh at's a na rc who beds down

the Hippie girl he\ inves tigating? An und erco ve r age nt. 47 ·\ 1 the gathering of Hippies, one Hippje boy asked a Hippie girl, "If this is a love-in, when do I get to cum-in?" *** Hippies can be completely broke without any food , lothes. or shelter, and still enjoy a high standard of living. ** * Why do Hippies grow seedless m·arijuana? Because sense makes a lot of cents . * ** Why are Hippies opposed to crem'ation? Because they hate ash-bury. *** What's the definition of a Hippie

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