The Art Book for Children - Book Two

The Art Book for Children - Book Two

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0714847062

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Why are none of the students in Raphael's school paying attention? Who made a doodle into a masterpiece? How do you paint speed? Can collecting things be art? What kind of sculpture is supposed to disappear? Can you trust a painting? How would you make a self-portrait of yourself? Can you paint music? Following the international success of THE ART BOOK FOR CHILDREN (BOOK ONE), this second volume will continue to expand the minds and creativity of children aged from seven to eleven. Thirty new artists and key examples of their works have been selected to encourage children to ask why the artists do what they do. Both volumes of THE ART BOOK FOR CHILDREN are fun for young readers, ideal tools for teachers and parents, and perfect introductions for all those approaching art for the first time.

Dada, Surrealism, and Their Heritage

Michelangelo's David: Florentine History and Civic Identity

Haring (Art dossier Giunti)

This Is Modern Art





















and Albert Museum, London 1 Bruegel »*. The viewer is invited into an Peasant animated feast to celebrate the wedding of twO peasants. The painting figure filling the jug of wine brought to table on a peasants' earthiness. Italian ideal based on show the the pies being The drunken, bumbling lively characters who scenes are the very opposite of the observation, that is Pieter Bruegel b Brogel. cl525. d Brussels. Peasant Wedding Feast. C1566/7. Oil it is the Bruegel's

pure landscape, without the over Darius. The of which Altdorfer was •* Dossi. Durer. Leonardo. Patenier. Uccello 1538 on panel. hl32.7 x wl20 cm. h52V4 x in and the scenery he encountered there no doubt confirmed horse-drawn Albrecht Altdorfer. b Regensburg. cl480. d Regensburg. Battle of Alexander at Issus. 1529. was large panel in his chariot to the centre-left of the composition. viewer that Alexander has gained Alexander Battle of a battle w47& in. Alte Pinakothek.

and printmaker, or" Saint Stephen Elsheimer travelled to Italy in influenced by Venetian colour with his own artists. 1 598 where he was strongly He combined understanding of realism to create such works as this. light their use Many of were copied by other printmakers and his paintings his influence- stretched well into the seventeenth century. the Adam Bosch. Caravaggio. Durer, Michelangelo Altdorfer, Elsheimer b Frankfurt. 1578. d Rome. 1610 The Stoning of Saint

1 1 ; of The feet) of Liverpool Cathedral. British sculptors style, Elisabeth Frink. b Thurlow. 1930. d Woolland, Goggle Head. 1969. Bronze. h62.2 cm. h24!« its commission was an impressive and dramatic shape of a fearsome and disturbing scratches, like those inflicted by an animal, in a about the complex nature of humankind, for her sculptures Angels motorbike executed feelings Strengths and Ir Houdon Froment While tending Virgin and Child Nicolas his father-in-law's

composition and perspective. The doors were a great Many formal principles of perspective. For example, the three- inspiration to other Florentine Renaissance artists. dimensional figures of the foreground are set against a years later Michelangelo praised Ghiberti's work, calling the The scene landscape that recedes into the distance. is one of ten of the second set of large bronze doors to the Baptistry in Florence sculpted by Ghiberti. ten large panels in are The doors are made

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