The Athena Project: A Thriller (The Scot Harvath Series)

The Athena Project: A Thriller (The Scot Harvath Series)

Brad Thor

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 1439192979

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor, the first in a thrilling series featuring Delta Force’s newest members: four fearsome, deadly, and incredibly skilled female operatives.

Part of a top-secret, all-female program codenamed The Athena Project, four women are about to undertake one of the nation’s deadliest assignments. When a terrorist attack in Rome kills more than twenty Americans, Athena Team members Gretchen Casey, Julie Ericsson, Megan Rhodes, and Alex Cooper are tasked with hunting down the Venetian arms dealer responsible for providing the explosives. But there is more to the story than anyone knows. In the jungles of South America, a young US intelligence officer has made a grisly discovery. Surrounded by monoliths covered with Runic symbols, one of America’s greatest fears appears to have come true. Simultaneously in Colorado, a foreign spy is close to penetrating the mysterious secret the US government has hidden beneath Denver International Airport. As Casey, Ericsson, Rhodes, and Cooper close in on their target, they will soon learn that another attack—one of unimaginable proportions—has already been set in motion, and the greatest threat they face may be the secrets kept by their own government.

The Killing (Cherub, Book 4)

The Honor of Spies (Honor Bound, Book 5)

The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception

The Shadowers (Matt Helm, Book 7)

Codes, Ciphers and Secret Writing (Test Your Code Breaking Skills)

















do you think is going to happen to him?” asked Cooper. “I’ve got no idea,” he responded. “But I can guarantee you our little Q&A isn’t going to be pleasant.” “Do we know who else was involved in the Rome attack?” asked Rhodes. Harvath shook his head. “Bianchi may have provided the C4 for the bombing, but he didn’t order the attack. Somebody else did. That’s why I want to interrogate him myself. I think whatever those terrorist attacks were, they were only the beginning. That’s what we’ve been

your team.” “We all do the heavy lifting. That’s why it’s called a team.” Vlcek dismissed the remark with a wave. “What I mean is that she’s happy doing what needs to be done, even if it’s not the most glamorous stuff. I’ll bet she does most of the team’s driving, right?” Megan’s eyes widened. He had her nailed. “Totally.” Vlcek smiled. “Driving is often one of the team’s most important jobs. She never screws it up and she’s always where she’s supposed to be when she’s supposed to be there.

“lie. Tell him you know for a fact that Cahill couldn’t have done anything to those girls because he was with you.” Sanders laughed nervously. “I don’t think Viktor would believe me.” “Make him believe you.” “I’ll try. In the meantime, what should we do about Cahill?” “I don’t want him out of your sight,” replied Abressian. “If you have to handcuff him to your wrist, you do it.” “So I have your permission to restrain him?” asked Sanders. Abressian exhaled. “You have my permission to do

What happened to them?” asked Abressian. Cahill flipped open the minifridge next to the desk and pulled out another energy drink. “Stop drinking those.” Cahill mocked him. “Stop drinking those,” he repeated and then opened the tab and took a long swallow. Afterward he said, “You don’t tell me what to do, Armen.” “Did you push those women through the device, George?” The scientist turned and looked at the Engeltor. He threw his arms out to his sides, tilted his head back, and closed his eyes

the men understood English didn’t matter. They definitely understood her tone. One of the Russians stepped back and knocked on the apartment door. There was a grunt from the other side and it was opened. The Russian then stepped back and gestured for the women to enter. The interior was just as decrepit as the rest of the building. Paint was peeling from the walls and a sour odor pervaded the entire apartment. Neither Casey nor Cooper could tell if it was coming from something that had

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