The Bancroft Strategy

The Bancroft Strategy

Robert Ludlum

Language: English

Pages: 736

ISBN: 0312990707

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Todd Belknap, a field agent for Consular Operations, is cut loose from the agency after a job gone wrong. But when his best friend and fellow agent is abducted abroad and the government refuses to step in, Belknap decides to take matters into his own hands.

Meanwhile, Andrea Bancroft learns she's about to inherit six million dollars from a cousin she never met―with one condition: She must sit on the board of the Bancroft family foundation. Having been estranged from her father's family for most of her life, Andrea is intrigued. But what exactly is the Bancroft's involvement with "Genesis," a mysterious person working to destabilize the geopolitical balance at the risk of millions of lives? In a series of devastating coincidences, Andrea and Belknap come together to form an uneasy alliance if they are to uncover the truth behind "Genesis"―before it is too late.

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a threat. An opponent becomes more dangerous when he’s within an arm’s length of you. “You tell Burke that if he wants a john to pay up, he better make sure his honeys are putting out.” Belknap’s voice was confiding, as if he were trying to appeal to the other, man to man. “Don’t take another goddamn step!” The man’s command was taut, yet his uncertainty was visibly growing. Was this, in fact, the correct target? Belknap ignored him. “Put yourself in my situation,” Belknap went on, and came

away. Soon others would arrive in pursuit, but the head start he had would suffice. He knew how to disappear. Once he had boarded the Metro, he stepped into the area between cars. Jolted by the movement of the train, taking care to keep his footing, he discarded his tunic, tossing it to the side of the track. Then, using a sharp pocket knife, he sliced off his camouflage trousers as well, taking care to avoid the fabric beneath them and to retain the contains of his pockets. The man who had

rumors, tales that spread over the Internet and then from person to person. “But there was more to it than that, wasn’t there?” Belknap prodded, thinking aloud. “As Genesis, you could transfer money from one account to another. You could hire people who never saw you, could send instructions, monitor, reward. You could do a great deal. But to what end?” Brandon was quiet for a few moments. “I love my dad. I mean, he’s my dad, right?” “But he’s not only your dad.” Branded nodded miserably. “He

watershed moment splits life into a before and an after. Yet it was impossible, except in retrospect, to recognize the moment for what it was. At the time, Belknap’s mind was filled with the ardent yet banal thought Someone saved my life today—as if the act had merely restored normality, as if there could now be a going back, a return to the way things were. He did not know—he could not know—that his life had changed irreversibly. Its trajectory, in ways both imperceptible and dramatic, had

Oakeshott hugged himself, spider arms clasping a reed-narrow torso. “Jonesing for vengeance, more likely,” Garrison snapped, irritated by the interruption. “And he’s going on some sort of goddamn global killing spree. He’s delusional, but the son of a bitch is killing anyone and everyone he imagines is connected to Rinehart’s disappearance. From that Italian girl to poor Ruthie Robbins. Christ almighty! Who’s safe from this bastard?” Oakeshott looked unsettled and unconvinced, but Garrison’s

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