The Berenstain Bears and the G-Rex Bones (Big Chapter Books(TM))

The Berenstain Bears and the G-Rex Bones (Big Chapter Books(TM))

Stan Berenstain, Jan Berenstain

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0679889450

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There's a mystery in Bear Country, and Actual Factual is just the bear to solve it. Dr. Zoltan Bearish plays nemesis to Actual Factual and the cubs in this Bear Country hugger-mugger, involving faked fossils, phony discoveries and a scandal that threatens to dash the reputation of estimable Professor Actual Factual before it's all through.

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Sandcrab Jones, rubbing his aching old back. The three Bogg Brothers, who were rubbing their backs too, nodded. “You three have no right to complain,” groused Ralph, “riding in that comfy cab while I bounced around with the bones in the back of the truck! Well, let’s hit the road. See you tomorrow, Sandcrab, with an entire media crew.” Ralph handed the hermit thirty dollars. “Thanks, sonny,” said Sandcrab. “What did you say your name was again?” “Ralph. Ralph Ripoff. You remember me, don’t

newspaper in Bear Country. Papa and the cubs filed in with the others. It was cooler in the tent, but enough of the blazing sunlight shone through the canvas ceiling to clearly show the bones spread out on the sand. “Wow,” said Brother. “Look at the size of those things. What do you think, Papa?” “Pretty interesting,” said Papa. “Guess I’ll have to bone up on dinosaurs. Get it? Bone up on dinosaurs?” “I get it, Papa,” said Brother. He turned to Ferdy. “More important, what do you think,

Ferd?” Ferdy was stroking his chin, looking thoughtfully at the vast array of fossil bones. “I think there’s something fishy about these bones,” he said. “They’re so clean. If they’ve ever actually been in the ground, it couldn’t have been for long.” He raised his hand and called out, “Oh, Ralph!” “That’s Mr. Ripoff to you, sonny,” sneered Ralph. “Oh, it’s you, Ferdy. What is it, young fella?” “Has the Bearsonian staff been here to clean off the fossils?” asked Ferdy. “Er … uh, no, they

kind of curious about what’s happening with you.” “Well,” said Ferdy with a sigh, “I’ve gotten a lot of sleep lately, but that’s about all.” “Maybe that’s because there’s nothing wrong with the fossils,” suggested Fred. Ferdy shook his head. “I wish it were so,” he said, “but I just can’t bring myself to believe it. I remain skeptical.” “Skeptical?” said Lizzy. Fred, who read the dictionary for fun, defined the word. “Skeptical,” he said. “Inclined to doubt or question. It’s very important

would be impossible for a creature with G-rex’s body shape to reach such a height. Its bones would have to be so thick that there would be no room left for flesh or internal organs. Thus, we know that whoever planned this hoax was neither a biologist nor a physicist.” “An excellent observation, Ferdy,” said Actual Factual as he replaced his nephew at the microphone. “What strikes me is that the chemical makeup of the phony fossils is so accurate. There must have been a very brilliant chemist

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