The Berkeley Review MCAT Practice Exam #1

The Berkeley Review MCAT Practice Exam #1

The Berkeley Review

Language: English

Pages: 120

ISBN: 2:00147127

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Practice Exam # 1 for the MCAT exam.

All 3 Sections come with answer key and detailed explanations.

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Moon rising through the trees, the Moon will 65 appear immense, because your brain is unconsciously comparing the size of the object in the foreground (the 30 tree limbs) with the Moon in the background. When you see the Moon up in the sky, it is set against tiny 70 stars in the background. 35 Take photos of the Moon (or the Sun) at the horizon and up in the sky. The bodies will appear to be the same size. seems closer to the observer than the horizon. A 20 that the world is flat and

officials from public scrutiny? discrimination to take sexual orientation into account, for 15 example, in the consignment of children to adoption or foster care, in employment of teachers or coaches, and in military recruitment." While spokespeople for state legislators believe the Vatican letter will have little impact on gay and lesbian employment rights legislation, we cannot afford to bank 70 on that possibility. The Roman Catholic Church's hateful rhetoric has already taken its toll on

B also valid. Changing the initial height of the ball before it is released changes the potential energy of the system, which affects the maximum kinetic energy, because all of the potential energy initially present is converted into kinetic energy at the nadir (lowest point) of the arc. Choice C is therefore valid, too. The direction of displacement does not affect the kinetic energy of the pendulum system, since it is a scalar term. The correct choice is D. 26. A is correct When comparing the

colorless. The correct choice is D. 29. C is correct. Conjugated rc-systems can absorb light energy in the UV and visible range, depending on the degree of conjugation. An electron in the n-system is generally excited from the 7i-level (rc-bonding) to the jr*-level (n-anti-bonding). This eliminates choices A and D. Transition metal complexes absorb visible light, which excites an electron to move from the The Berkeley Review┬« 72 Specializing in MCAT Preparation Copyright ┬ębyThe Berkeley

correct. The time recorded by the observer is the time that the object is in free fall plus the time that the sound takes to travel from the surface of the water to the observer. This is greater than the free-fall time alone, so the acceleration value calculated using the combined times must be too small. Distance is known to be 200 meters, and the equation used is d = \ at2, where a is acceleration (and equal to g, the gravitational acceleration constant). Because t is too large, a must be

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