The Big Bad Blackout (Judy Moody & Stink, Book 3)

The Big Bad Blackout (Judy Moody & Stink, Book 3)

Megan McDonald

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 2:00288698

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hold on to your umbrella and stock up on marshmallows — Judy and Stink face wicked weather in their third full-color adventure.

Judy and Stink and the whole Moody family hunker down with beans and batteries, ready to wait out the storm. But along with massive rain and strong winds, Hurricane Elmer throws down ghosts, squirrels, and aliens. Spooky! Just when things couldn’t possibly get any freakier — flicker, flicker, gulp! — the lights go O-U-T out. The Moodys are smack-dab in the middle of a big bad blackout! Grandma Lou proposes musical board games and some good old-fashioned storytelling. Will Hurricane Elmer go down in Moody family history as bad news, a happy memory, or simply an LBS (Long Boring Story)?

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Outside, the wind howled. Mouse leaped from her perch on top of the fridge to the floor and made a dash for the laundry room. “The storm is freaking her out,” said Stink. “Storms and vacuum cleaners,” said Judy. “Those make her run and hide in the laundry basket, under all the clothes.” “Not the clean clothes, I hope,” said Mom. “Kids? You’ll have to bunk together with Grandma Lou coming. Judy, you can sleep in Stink’s room for a few nights.” Stink pumped his fist in the air. “Yes, yes, yes!”

said Judy. “I like it!” “Ghost Toasties!” said Stink. In no time, Grandma Lou had whipped up ghost toast for everybody. Pugsy ate the one she dropped on the floor. “My Ghost Toastie is staring at me with a creepy yellow eye,” said Stink. “I call it the Eye of the Storm.” He stabbed a fork into the Eye of the Storm. Yellow stuff oozed all over his plate. “Dinner, I mean breakfast, is better cooked over a fire. Pass the beans, please.” He picked up a spoon, dug in, and ate beans right out of the

Stink. “Like in Abe Lincoln times?” “Or an LBS like Dad tells,” said Judy. “A Long Boring Story.” “Thanks a lot,” said Dad. “Did you have electricity back then?” Stink asked Grandma Lou. “Because Abe Lincoln didn’t.” “Yes, we had electricity,” said Grandma Lou. “I’m not quite as old as Abe Lincoln, you know. Anyway, my dad — your great-grandpa — let me raise chickens for my 4-H project. I belonged to the Cluck Club.” “Bwaaaack!” Stink clucked. “Bwack, bwack.” “I had six chickens. One of

Grandma Lou and my parents and the guests started moving the food from the tent into the old barn. We had saved most of it when — ker-plunk! — down came the whole tent.” “Whoa,” said Judy. “By that time, I was drenched,” said Mom, “and my dress was ruined. I looked around the barn for something dry to wear. All I could find was a trunk with some old costumes in it.” “Did you dress up like a witch?” Stink asked. “Or Wonder Woman?” Judy asked. “Annie Oakley,” said Mom. Dad cracked up. “That’s

Judy asked. Stink shook off a shiver. “Dad!” he called to the next room. “Grandma Lou’s teasing us with scares. About ghosts.” Dad poked his head into the room. “Grandma Lou sure is a good storyteller, isn’t she, kids?” “Now I’m going to warm up some milk over the fire and go upstairs to take my nap,” said Grandma Lou. Naps. Ghosts. Pretzels. She, Judy Moody, had an idea. Rare! Judy hurry-up whispered her idea to Stink. They raced upstairs. “Stink, go get a pair of Dad’s shoes. And your

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