The Boys from Siam (Yale Drama Series)

The Boys from Siam (Yale Drama Series)

John Austin Connolly

Language: English

Pages: 119

ISBN: 0300141858

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Announcing the 2007 winner of the Yale Drama Series


John Connolly’s The Boys from Siam has been chosen as the first winner of the Yale Drama Series. This play was selected by playwright and contest judge Edward Albee, winner of the Pulitzer prize. Based loosely on the lives of nineteenth-century brothers Chang and Eng Bunker (the source of the term “Siamese twins”), The Boys from Siam is the haunting and lyrical story of conjoined twins Pigg and Pegg. In his foreword, Edward Albee writes that the work is “a beautifully realized concentrated universe. It takes big chances along the way . . . and makes us care—really care.”


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don’t know. All I know is I am me. PIGG I know that also. But I also know you are me, too. PEGG True. But are we each other? PIGG Perhaps. PEGG We come from one egg. Mama said it. PIGG We had to. PEGG I have often wondered. PIGG I too. PEGG Are you real? PIGG Am I not joined? PEGG But are you real? I can touch myself. I can touch you. Where is the difference? 86 The Boys from Siam PIGG Well, I can hear myself. From the inside. And you, from the outside. PEGG Am I a person? PIGG Are you? PEGG

wore our best suits. PIGG That Mr. Silverman. PEGG He did us well. PIGG He was a man. PEGG And the hush as the curtains opened. PIGG What fun. The acting. The actors. PEGG It was like regarding ourselves in a mirror. PIGG True. PEGG And the stories, the plots. PIGG Great stories. Great heroes. PEGG Yes. Great heroes. PIGG Always frustrated. PEGG Their quest denied. PIGG But heroes are strong. PEGG Not to be denied. PIGG True. So they struggle. Always a struggle. Scene 12 PEGG That was the

are fine dramatic subject matter. Four years ago I began a play about—among other things —identical twins. Critics remind me it is a subject I’ve treated often and variously: The Young Man in my early play The American Dream, for example. The play—Me, Myself and I—is heading toward production as I write this. Was I surprised when I realized that in The Boys from Siam I was reading a play about Siamese twins (as they are almost always incorrectly called)? Of course not! What a subject! It did cross

how did I love them), the drama had a greatly enhanced effect. With the blessing of Edward Albee, who had chosen the previous version as the David C. Horn Prize winner, the version herein presented is the final version for both print and stage. For the moment anyway. I hope it entertains. Acknowledgments Edward Albee: judge, mentor, friend Ego te saluto To Francine Horn and the David Charles Horn Foundation, the former for conceiving, endowing, and supporting what became the Yale Drama Series,

words. The author wishes to acknowledge the lives and experiences of Chang and Eng Bunker. Apologies to Stephen Foster for occasionally placing “Beautiful Dreamer” in an earlier time. This page intentionally left blank Scene One The setting is pigg’s bedroom, indicated center stage. An unusually large bed sits in the middle; everything in the set forces attention to the bed. The bed can be pulled apart into two smaller beds, although this is not yet apparent. A playbill is displayed on the

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