The Complete Drive-In: Three Novels of Anarchy, Aliens and the Popcorn King (Drive-In, Books 1-3)

The Complete Drive-In: Three Novels of Anarchy, Aliens and the Popcorn King (Drive-In, Books 1-3)

Joe R. Lansdale

Language: English

Pages: 329

ISBN: 2:00340861

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Friday night at the Orbit Drive-in: a circus of noise, sex, teenage hormones, B-movie blood, and popcorn. On a cool, crisp summer night, with the Texas stars shining down like rattlesnake eyes, movie-goers for the All-Night Horror Show are trapped in the drive-in by a demonic-looking comet. Then the fun begins. If the movie-goers try to leave, their bodies dissolve into goo. Cowboys are reduced to tears. Lovers quarrel. Bikini-clad women let their stomachs’ sag, having lost the ambition to hold them in. The world outside the six monstrous screens fades to black while the movie-goers spiral into base humanity, resorting to fighting, murdering, crucifying, and cannibalizing to survive. Part dark comedy part horror show, Lansdale's cult Drive-In books are as shocking and entertaining today as they were 20 years ago.

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Something that made our concern about the ramming catfish seem like a silly notion. In fact, the idea of leaping into the water and wrestling with it seemed less scary than what was about to happen. 4 The water, as far as the eye could see, foamed. Then it lifted in a sheet of sun-shimmering silver, and beneath the splashes and lapping of the water was a darkness. At first it was a line, like a black storm on the horizon, stretching way wide. The line widened, became a maw, and the maw

theme to most had been that man was better than the animals, had something inside him that blossomed like a rose and never died, even when the physical body decayed. I looked out at the fighters in the lot. A guy in a werewolf costume with the mask missing was rolling around on the ground with a fraternity-type guy whose pants had lost their razor crease sometime back. “And you’re saying we’ll end up like that too?” “Could. We last as long as we can, though. Build up some hope. Gets too bad

mention of the word “communion,” a collective sigh went up from the crowd. These were some communion-loving folks. I remembered the sighs from the Popcorn King’s followers when they were eating the results of his vomit. There hadn’t been a lot of difference in sounds. “God,” Sam said, “you sure have allowed some odd things here. In fact, I would say you have outdone yourself. But if that’s your will, that’s it. Still, sure would like to know the why of it . . . We also have this young fella

was opened and mouths were pleased. It sounded like a convention of leeches, or an orgy—or, to be more precise, both. Sam squatted down close to my face. There was blood on his lips. “You see,” he said, patting my chest. “We made a pact. We wouldn’t let nobody else in. We would convert them if they wanted, but they couldn’t join us, and we’d eliminate competition. It’s a tough thing to do, but the Lord moves in mysterious ways his miracles to perform . . . and food lasts longer this way.” A man

Crier. I had my doubts, since I had seen Crier practicing with that thing. It didn’t look to me that he could have hit the side of a barn with a cannon, let alone a squirrel with a dull arrow. Still, I was hoping for him. I was beginning to tire of fish and fruit, fine as it had once seemed. Isn’t that the way of humans? They’re never happy. One day I’m living off sardines and jerky with no water, and the next thing you know, I’m complaining about having fresh water, fish and fruit. Before

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