Complete Sailing Manual

Complete Sailing Manual

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 1405392762

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Take to the helm with the ultimate guide to sailing. Whether you are a novice or an experienced skipper, "The Complete Sailing Manual" is the practical step-by-step guide that every sailor needs on board. From tacking and mooring to nautical etiquette and using state-of-the-art navigation systems, you'll learn about every aspect of sailing. This updated edition includes all the latest developments in technology, design and sailing procedures as well as advice and information on all types of craft, from dinghies to large cruisers and over 1,000 superb photographs and full-colour diagrams. Accessible, reliable and designed to help you in any sailing situation, "The Complete Sailing Manual" is the one ship mate that won't let you down.

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CONSTRUCTION All rope, whether made from natural or synthetic materials, is made from short fibers that are spun into yarns, then collected into strands. The strands are then twisted or braided into the finished rope. The way the yarns are gathered into strands, and the way strands are formed into rope, help determine the rope’s properties and how easy it is to handle, coil, splice, and knot. Three-strand (laid) rope Three-strand or laid rope is made by twisting yarns together in one direction to

rule, which allows freedom for development and a variety of design approaches. These boats are also very fast and powerful, yet have to be handled by a single sailor. This really is the ultimate race for the singlehanded sailor; it provides the purest test of the individual against the 17 18 THE JOY OF SAILING elements, as well as against a large fleet of competitors. The Vendée Globe is hugely popular with the French public and, increasingly, with an international audience. Offshore and

water, stop the boat with him at the windward shrouds. Move forward and grasp him under the armpits. Lean back to drag him into the boat. As you approach the person in the water, make sure that you can stop with him on the windward side of the boat. If you try to pick him up on the leeward side, there is a real danger that the boat will drift on top of him or that you will capsize as you try to get him aboard. Practicing the drill When he has a firm hold of the gunwale, give the tiller a flick

lightweight sportsboat is planing well under an asymmetric spinnaker. The crew are well aft, and to windward, to keep the boat level and help the bow lift. tune your boat (pp.138–141), you can also adjust the rake of the mast to produce the desired helm balance. Sailing at speed Assuming that the boat is tuned correctly, the achievement of optimum speed depends on the skills of the helmsman and crew. Concentration and constant attention to sail trim, boat balance, and course steered are

spinnaker pole once the boat is under control again. Be sure to keep steering the boat straight downwind to keep the loads on spinnaker sheet and guy to a minimum until the pole has been attached on the new side. PHYSICAL FITNESS Rough weather is physically demanding and quickly saps strength, so it pays to make sure you are fit for the conditions. 183 184 ADVANCED SMALL-BOAT SAILING RACING There is no better way to learn to sail a boat well, and to build on your existing skills, than to

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