The Complete Yes Minister

The Complete Yes Minister

Jonathan Lynn

Language: English

Pages: 514

ISBN: 0563206659

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book is a companion to the highly successful BBC series, "Yes Minister."

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a felt pen in large red letters. Francis Aubrey put down his knife and fork and was about to open it when Humphrey handed over a second file, with the words Favourable News Stories Not Reported By The BBC. Then he handed over one file after another, pointing out their contents. Excessive Publicity For Other Countries’ Case Against Britain – ‘Especially our Common Market enemies. Er, partners, I mean,’ explained Humphrey. Jokes Against The Prime Minister. Unnecessary Publicity for Anti-government

eyes flickered briefly at Sir Humphrey who – like me – was gazing at him in the hope (but without the confidence) that he would say the appropriate thing. Bernard clearly didn’t know how to reply, proof enough that he knew something fishy had been going on. ‘Well, I, er, that is, there was, er, someone did . . .’ Humphrey interrupted hastily. ‘There was a lot of gossip, that’s all. Rumour. Hearsay.’ I ignored Humphrey. ‘Come on Bernard.’ ‘Um . . . well, one of the Qumranis did tell me he had

‘Embarrassing,’ he murmured. ‘Deeply embarrasing.’ But his eyes were gleaming. In due course Bernard obtained the street map of the PM’s constituency, and a street directory, and he found a relevant section in the business guide too. Once we studied the map, it was all plain sailing! First we found a park. Humphrey noticed that it was near the railway station, and reminded me that one requirement of a national transport policy is to bring bus stations nearer to railway stations. So, with deep

original leak.’ He tried to insist. I contradicted him flatly. ‘No. Our first priority must be to track down the leak involving the PM.’ He really couldn’t argue with that. And he didn’t. He just sat in silence and looked at me. So after a moment, having won the Battle of the Leak Enquiries, I turned to the matter of the Transport Policy. ‘At all events,’ I said, summing up the situation, ‘you will appreciate that the public outcry in response to all these leaks makes it very difficult for me

daily picture of the struggles of a Cabinet Minister. Before going into politics full time, Hacker had been first a polytechnic lecturer and, later, Editor of Reform. When the diaries were first transcribed they were hardly readable, having been dictated very much ad lib, rather like his polytechnic lectures. Furthermore, there were a number of discrepancies in his account of events, both within the book itself and when objectively compared with outside events. Being a journalist, Hacker had no

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