The Cornerstone

The Cornerstone

Nick Spalding

Language: English

Pages: 258

ISBN: 1461198216

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A fast-paced fantasy adventure from Nick Spalding, the bestselling author of the smash hit comedies Fat Chance & Love... From Both Sides.

A great book will transport you to another world... literally, if you're not careful.

On a gloomy Thursday afternoon, Max Bloom enters his local library in a last ditch attempt to stave off an epic case of teenage boredom. Among the hushed stacks he discovers The Cornerstone, an ancient book tucked away on a dusty, forgotten shelf. Opening the cover, Max is instantly transported to an alternate dimension full of things intent on killing him - thus avoiding boredom with remarkable success.

He meets a beautiful girl called Merelie (brilliant), who tells him he could be a Wordsmith, a sorcerer able to craft magic from the written word itself, one strong enough to save both their worlds from the Dwellers - hideous monsters from beyond the universe (not so brilliant).

This all sounds completely unbelievable. The kind of thing you'd read in a fantasy novel. But The Cornerstone doesn't lie... and the danger is very real.

In a world threatened by monsters, where books are worshipped and powerful magic exists, Max Bloom must make a choice: close The Cornerstone and run home - or trust Merelie, become a Wordsmith, and save two worlds from certain destruction...


Reviews for Nick Spalding & Max Bloom In... The Cornerstone:

'Spalding made headlines last year when Amazon revealed he was one of their best selling authors, selling over 400,000 copies on Kindle. It was obviously only a matter of time before someone snapped him up.' The Daily Mail.

'Spalding is literally a comedy genius.' Chick Lit Reviews & News

'Nick Spalding managed to make me laugh until my sides hurt and I had tears running down my face.' Shaz's Book Boudoir Blog

'Absolutely hilarious.' Fabulous Magazine, The Sun

'Downright hilarious.' Closer Magazine

'A quite brilliant humorous urban fantasy novel. This book is worth nothing less than the full five stars. It hit my sense of humour pretty much on the head, the story itself was very nicely told indeed and the Kindle presentation is nothing short of exceptional. I for one would most certainly buy a sequel if he decides to write one!' Shaun Horrigan, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

'A rip-roaring rollercoaster of a fantasy.' Stephen Leather, best selling author

The sequel - Wordsmith... The Cornerstone Book 2 - is available now!

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right order and arranging primary school displays in the front window. She noticed his expression. ‘Oh alright, I’m not exactly called upon to be a Wordsmith much, but I can still word shape if I have to.’ In actual fact, it had been so many years since she’d been required to use the skills taught to her, she didn’t know if she could still do it. Imelda had no intention of telling Max Bloom that. ‘Oh yeah, that’s what it’s called. Word shaping,’ Max said, waggling his fingers around in the

though.’ Imelda pointed at the mangled looking shape against the far wall, partially obscured by a pile of books and splintered wood. They edged over to where Elijah lay. He was unconscious, eyes rolled back into his head. Imelda poked him with her foot. There was no movement. Merelie looked around at the mess. ‘This is an awful thing to happen to a library,’ she said. ‘This is an awful thing to happen to my pension,’ Imelda replied, drawing a confused look from Merelie. ‘Don’t worry, it’d

was by nature a cautious man. This was probably why he’d lived for many years - and could even give indescribable monsters in the mist pause to attack. Part Five - 1 - Max thought about offering Merelie a ‘backie’ on his BMX, but this could be open to misinterpretation and the girl looked troubled enough as it was. Instead they walked to Charlie Pearce's house - a gothic looking monstrosity on one of the hills to the north of Farefield. Charlie had lived there all his life, inheriting the

his hands grasping at her throat. It fast became a one-sided fight. He was a two hundred pound battle hardened soldier and she was… well, a librarian, for heaven’s sake. As the air was choked out of her, Imelda desperately scrabbled around for something to defend herself with. Peter Bloom liked gnomes. This tells you virtually everything you need to know about his sense of humour. That and the fact he used toilet bowls to pot plants in. Amanda Bloom was about as keen on gardening as a

spilling the plate of biscuits onto the carpet, which had only just been vacuumed. The only one happy about this was Nugget, who knew that anything ending up on the floor was his to eat by default. The black Labrador tucked into the biscuits as Charlie stood up, a huge smile on his face. ‘Maxwell!’ he cried, putting his arms around his grandson. ‘Wotcha, Grandad,’ Max replied, beaming back. ‘You’ve been gone for days! Your mother’s been having kittens.’ ‘Really? Crap.’ Max hoped his cover

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