The Curse of the Viking Grave

The Curse of the Viking Grave

Farley Mowat

Language: English

Pages: 117

ISBN: 0771066805

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Three boys, Awasin, Jamie and Peetyuk find Viking relics in an ancient tomb. The story revolves around little-known information about the customs of Viking explorers and the unexplored land in Northern Canada

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spoke the truth,” he said. “You are a good girl, and very smart.” Beaming with unconcealed admiration, Peetyuk grabbed the girl by the arm and spun her around so they both faced Jamie. “Very good friend, this!” he shouted. “Now we all very good friends, yes, Jamie?” Jamie could not help smiling. “Sure, Pete. And Awasin’s right; you’re a smart girl, Angeline. If the plane comes here now they’ll never know where we’ve gone or even if we were ever here.” The smile vanished suddenly. “Angeline, do

him from last winter,” he said almost brusquely. “How do you do, Mr. Kakut?” Peetyuk howled with mirth, bending almost double as he tried to control himself. When he straightened up he cried: “Kakut he not big white man! He Eskimo! Not shake hands, not say ‘How do.’ Rub nose together! Like this.” Whirling Angeline around he thrust out his face and rubbed his nose back and forth against hers, whereupon a roar of laughter erupted from the watching people. The tenseness vanished and all the

he take from pouch is very strong charm. When he hold it up he say to pot: ‘Bring no evil to me. Not my fault someone dig up your bones. Fault belong Kablunait and Itkilit—white men and Indians.’ Then, when he go out of tent he say we are big fools and all Eskimo who help us they bigger fools.” Peetyuk was badly upset by the visit, and Awasin too was much disturbed. Jamie tried to dispel the effect of the visit. “Look, you fellows. We’re not going to let that old geezer scare us, are we? Maybe

of us…and I forgot to lash it down again…” Full realization of what the loss of the rifle might mean was slow in coming. It was Angeline who finally put it into words. “Without the rifle we can get no more meat. And we have so little food with us that we must have meat!” Peetyuk nodded his head gloomily. “If we not able shoot deer, soon we starve. Only food left in grub-box for two, three day.” “Look,” Jamie said desperately, “that pool below the rapid can’t be very deep. And the water’s

been drowned, leaving his son Peetyuk to be raised by the Eskimos. The boys were particularly interested in the book Angus was reading them this day. It was a history of the early Norwegian voyages to America made long before the time of Columbus. The chapter Angus had begun that morning described how, about the year 1360, a Viking expedition sailed to Greenland and then on to North America, perhaps by way of Hudson Bay. Then it told of the finding of a strangely inscribed stone at Kensington,

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