The Cyborg From Earth

The Cyborg From Earth

Charles Sheffield

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0765346249

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Called "the new Arthur C. Clarke" by The Washington Post Book World and "a scientist with a fine literary sense" by The Denver Post, Charles Sheffield has crafted a an exciting adventure about a frustrated teen who just can't seem to do anything right.

Jeff Kopal is heir to a powerful military family. He's got everything going for him. Except one thing: Jeff is a total screw-ups. His family has had it. So when Jeff blows off his naval entrance exams he figures his future is basically kaput. Instead, he is being sent by the navy into deep space to deal with rebellious cyborgs. How did that happen?

Jeff will have to find out before it's too late. Otherwise, He may become the pawn in someone else's dangerous-and very deadly-game.

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total of nine people, he recognized seven, including himself and Captain Dufferin. The two strangers were the fat woman next to him and a slight, wizened man with red hair, a big nose, and the look of an angry rooster. The pair had something in common. What was it? It took a few moments, then Jeff had it. The big woman and the little man over on the right looked sloppy, with smudges of dark at wrist and elbow. They slouched in their seats and were dressed in a casual and haphazard way that no

rooms. He could blame himself as much as he liked, do anything he liked to try to summon courage. It wouldn’t help. As he changed into his uniform and struggled with the ornamental straps and buckles, he felt nervousness like an electric current making his muscles twitch and his fingers tremble. He tried to cheer himself with one inarguable fact: No matter what happened, no matter how badly he performed, in three hours the competition would be over. Chapter Two HE STILL had the stupid

the training for the navy included marksmanship and horsemanship! He had scraped through the first with the lowest acceptable marks. As for horse riding, how many horses were in low Earth orbit, in the E-K Belt, or out in the node network territories? Jeff didn’t know the answer, but he was willing to make a bet: zero. On the other hand, maybe he was trying to justify his own feelings. When he had been given his first lesson, ten years ago, he had been frightened by the huge animal in front of

sky when Jeff first saw the space sounder. He had weight, about the same as on Earth. Confluence Center possessed too small a mass to produce noticeable gravity, and the environment should have been close to free fall. But he didn’t forget Hooglich’s warning: “Watch your step, Brother. Fall off the catwalk, and you’ll head straight down until you hit the lower field-generating ring. It’s not gravity, but it can be just as fatal.” After a while the jinners all ascended in an open-sided elevator

dozen paces from the staircase that Jeff had descended, Simon Macafee stood gazing thoughtfully at all the activity. “You’re a bit early,” he said, as they went toward him. “They’re still setting up.” “Setting up for what?” Jeff couldn’t make sense of what he was seeing. “For the first game,” Billy said, and ran off to swarm up a rope like a monkey in party clothes. “One which I don’t think will interest you,” Macafee said to Jeff. “They always start with the youngsters. The hope is that

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