The Da Vinci Deception (Inspector Jack Oxby, Book 1)

The Da Vinci Deception (Inspector Jack Oxby, Book 1)

Thomas Swan

Language: English

Pages: 245


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

2011 Retail ePub

A thrilling suspense novel that introduces New Scotland Yard's Inspector Jack Oxby of the Art and Antiquities Squad and pits him against a mastermind of art forgery.

When an original Leonardo da Vinci folio goes missing from the Royal Library at Windsor Castle, Oxby is brought in to investigate. Set in London, New York, and Lake Como, the detective eventually uncovers a daring art forger who blackmails artists into faking Leonardo da Vinci manuscripts, including early sketches of the Mona Lisa.

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strikes a comfortable balance between the more hard-boiled Lovejoy antique mysteries and Iain Pears’ more literary art-historical crime novels.” —Booklist BOOKS BY THOMAS SWAN The Da Vinci Deception The Cézanne Chase The Final Fabergé Dedication To my wife Barbara and to my children Sally and Greg. And to the cherished memory of my son Steve, who would approve and be proud. Part One The bee may be likened to deceit, for it has honey in its mouth and poison behind. —Leonardo

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