The Dark Secret of Josephine (Roger Brook, Book 5)

The Dark Secret of Josephine (Roger Brook, Book 5)

Dennis Wheatley

Language: English

Pages: 391


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Aug 1794 - Apr 1796

Roger Brook - Prime Minister Pitt's most daring and resourceful secret agent - had sailed for the West Indies with a party that included three beautiful women. His purpose: pleasure. But the Caribbean, blue seas, lush tropical islands and palm-shaded beaches, was infested with pirates. The slaves of the 'Sugar islands' were in revolt. All this Roger Brook encountered. But also he uncovered a mysterious episode in the early life of the Empress Josephine - a mystery that had its effect on the Parisian intrigues that led to Napoleon receiving his first great command: the Army of Italy. A mystery that tied together many strange scenes and unlikely events.

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shook his head. ‘Nay, you are in error there. As I hold your life in my hands, I see no reason why I should not speak frankly to you. General Jourdan’s army has reached the north bank of the Necker. I have only to make the dash on Heidelberg, which I have been preparing for these past few days, to join up with him. With our combined forces we shall far outnumber either of the Austrian armies. ’Twill be child’s-play for us first to defeat Wurmser, then Clerfayt. That done, Austria must sue for

blossom into a young nobleman who had the entrée at Versailles, and later proved a most stalwart friend to him, with the knowledge that he was a secret agent, during the dark days of the Terror. As they were alone together, and it was during the quiet of the afternoon, Roger laughingly declared himself. The good Norman was overjoyed at seeing him again, and ran to fetch his wife from the kitchen. Both of them fussed over him, Mère Blanchard declared that she would cook him his favourite dish of

companions. While they were away the bulk of the crew began to sing again. They had reached the stage when bawdy songs claimed priority over all else, and for the next quarter of an hour obscenities in French, English and Spanish echoed out over the tranquil moonlit waters. They died away in a triumphant shout from the starboard entrance to the after cabins. Marlinspike Joe and his friends emerged bearing shoulder high on a scantling Clarissa in her Mermaid’s costume. At the sight of her the

Spanish Main had increased exceedingly, and before proceeding on a voyage they had formed the habit of raiding the stockyards of the Buccaneers to provision their ships. This constant menace to the living of the Buccaneers caused many of those in Santo Domingo to become planters, which led to their descendants making great fortunes; but on Tortuga the area of cultivable land was negligible, so the Buccaneers there had abandoned their hunting and turned pirate, thus giving the latter their

of feet caused Amanda to lift her head. Immediately she saw Roger she jumped up to run to him but one of the men roughly pulled her back. The three prisoners were pushed past the women and down the steps; then each of the pirates took one of the women by the arm and fell in with them behind Cyrano. The foreshore presented an animated scene. Boatloads of men from the two ships were landing on the beach; others, and with them a score of slatternly looking women of mixed nationality, were emerging

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