The Dating Game

The Dating Game

Carole Eilertson

Language: German

Pages: 161

ISBN: 2:00044855

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Warum findet Ruby keinen Mann? Sie versucht es über das Internet und bingo! im Handumdrehen regnet es Dating-Angebote. Ruby trifft sich mit Rod, einem echten Herzensbrecher. Ist er der Richtige? Es hat den Anschein, als wäre er ein äußerst routinierter Internet-Flirter

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5. A potential lover might be sent a one-liner. Ruby _________________________________________. 6. Mrs Somerfield could have been threatened. Mycroft ______________________________________. Harry turned around swiftly to face me. His face was flushed and his eyes flashed wildly. “Come on Ruby, I’m just being realistic. Mycroft prepared his exit well.” I put out my hand to touch his sleeve. “But the truth will come out eventually, Harry.” Ignoring my hand, Harry looked at me curiously. His

sweet feeling of relief evaporated. “Oh no. You didn’t say that really, did you?” “Yes – but he was stubborn. He insisted that it was some post-modern rendition or something. I don’t know where he got the idea that you were into post-modernism. You’ve always told me you hated that sort of thing.” “I do,” I said awkwardly. Ding-dong. “Oh God, that’s the door. It’s him,” I hissed. Languidly, Chloe stood up. “Don’t worry, Ruby. I’ll handle it. He probably will just want to drop off the file, that’s

with a dab of make-up and a whiff of fruity perfume and I was ready. dish [diʃ] Leckerbissen hip-hugging dress [ hiph iŋ dres] Hüftkleid 108 Exercise 27: Ruby feels she’s coming alive at last. Fill in the blanks with the words for animals, plants, vegetables or fruit. (butterflies, trees, pumpkins, banana, horses, bat) I had Chloe’s 1. ______________-yellow designer handbag slung carelessly over my shoulder and I felt ready to meet the mysterious Bruce Wayne, the man who would be carrying a

client. For a moment I thought of just going in briefly and explaining the situation to him. I was sure he would understand. But I didn’t trust myself. Once I was in his presence, I knew I wouldn’t be able to control myself. It was better to text him a message and leave it at that. Once we’d won the case for him, well, then things might work out differently. I tore my eyes from the heavens and quickly typed a short message into my BlackBerry. Hi Harry, I’m terribly sorry but I’ve changed my mind.

taking this seriously. You can’t afford to be so cynical.” She looked at me slyly, snatching up a small make-up mirror from her handbag. “You aren’t exactly a spring chicken any more. Here – look at yourself in the mirror.” Chloe held the mirror in front of my face. I studied my reflection – I had a few more wrinkles than I celibacy [ seləbəsi] Zölibat nauseous [ nɔ siəs] speiübel to cheat on sb. [ tʃi t ɒn] jdn. betrügen at that [ət θ t] noch dazu book voucher [ bυk vaυtʃə] Büchergutschein slyly

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