The Deadly Stink (Superpowers, Book 3)

The Deadly Stink (Superpowers, Book 3)

Linda Chapman, Alex Cliff

Language: English

Pages: 27

ISBN: 0141321350

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the strongest boy in the world? Or the fastest? Or even the noisiest? Two ordinary young boys are about to find out!

When the castle walls of Max and Finlay's den start crumbling away, little do the best mates know that everything is about to change . . . Trapped inside the wall is the ancient god Hercules and he needs the boys' help! The friends must complete a terrifying challenge every day for seven days and can choose only one of Hercules' amazing superpowers at a time to help them.

In this third fantastic Superpowers adventure, Max and Finlay have to find a way to move a whole stable full of smelly poo! What superpower can defeat the poo as well as the horrible surprise that awaits them?

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must be real heroes – or other people will die.’ She clapped her hands angrily. There was a flash of lightning. When the boys blinked their eyes open they were alone in the tower. The stones had re-formed over Hercules’ face and Juno had vanished. Max pressed his hand against the wall where Hercules’ face had been. ‘We’ll complete her stupid task,’ he muttered. ‘We won’t let you down. No way.’ ‘What did she mean about real people dying?’ Finlay said. ‘Dunno,’ Max replied nervously. ‘I don’t

stabbed by a fang from a nine-headed river monster. She’d never believe it. It was hard enough to believe it himself and he’d been there! It was amazing what had happened to their lives in the last two days. Before then, he and Finlay had just been normal eight-year-old boys living normal lives, but now they had this huge secret that no one knew about. They were spending their days fighting monsters and completing impossible tasks. It had all started when they had found the superhero Hercules

banked upwards and shot over his head. Its eyes looked astonished as it took in the god-sized Max. ‘Wicked!’ Finlay exclaimed. His voice sounded faint and far away ‘You’re really big, Max!’ He laughed. ‘Hey, if I call you Big Max it makes you sound like a burger!’ Max grinned. Finlay’s head was level with his knees. ‘This is so cool!’ He strode around the castle keep in six giant strides. ‘I can see for miles!’ Max stopped by the gatehouse. He could reach the roof. The enormous stones that had

over his hands, their tiny pincers biting at his skin. Trying not to breathe in the revolting stench Max picked up a large handful and carried it to the doorway, his arms outstretched. ‘This is so not fun!’ Pulling a face, he dumped the stinky poo and then headed back into the stables and picked up another armful. ‘And it’s going to take ages!’ ‘We’re going to have to be as quick as we can,’ Fin said. He got a spade to start helping, but as they headed back to the stables a second time they were

amazement and relief the stables stayed standing! ‘Yes!’ he cried. Go small, he thought to himself. Shrinking back down to his normal size, he rushed out through the door and punched the air. A fraction of the sun still showed above the horizon. ‘How cool is that? We rebuilt the stables! We really did it!’ But Finlay was looking very worried. ‘Nothing’s happened, Max.’ Max’s heart sank as he realized Fin was right. Surely there should have been a thunderclap or a flash of lightning to show

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