The Election Day Disaster (Capital Mysteries, Book 10)

The Election Day Disaster (Capital Mysteries, Book 10)

Ron Roy

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: B0140DJ5Y4

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION is less than a week away, but KC and Marshall have more important things on their minds—their Halloween party at the White House! The morning after the costume party, though, KC and Marshall wake up to a trick, not a treat. Someone has posted damaging photos of the president on the Internet, photos that were digitally doctored! Will they ruin President Thornton’s chances for a second term? Or can KC and Marshall rescue the election?

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where my mom wants them.” KC and Marshall went into the tent. It was empty except for a chair where the guests would be photographed. “Who’s taking the pictures?” Marshall asked KC. “I thought cameras weren’t allowed.” “The president hired a photographer,” she said. By the tent’s exit was a basket of red, white, and blue campaign buttons. In the center of each button was the face of President Zachary Thornton. Around his face were the words ZACK IS BACK. November 4—four days away—was

had been cast for President Thornton. “Well, you’re seeing the same thing I’m seeing,” Donny Drum said to his viewers. “It seems President Zachary Thornton will be our leader for the next four years. He has millions more votes than his opponent, Dr. Melrose Jury.” Someone handed Donny Drum a note. He read it quickly, then turned back to the camera. “Folks, I believe Dr. Melrose Jury has something to say to President Thornton.” Donny Drum’s face disappeared. A different camera showed Dr. Jury

watching kids dunk for apples. The president was there, too, on his knees next to the washtub. The next picture showed the green costume behind the president. They were both watching a blindfolded kid trying to pin a wart on the witch’s nose. KC noticed that the octopus was holding something shiny in one of his real hands. “Can you make this one bigger?” KC asked. “A little,” Simon said. He pushed a button and the picture enlarged. “What’s in his hand?” KC asked. “Is he eating something?”

is my stepfather here?” The woman looked closely at KC. “Oh, of course,” she said. “Sorry I didn’t recognize you. This place is a madhouse today. He’s in that office.” The woman pointed across the wide room. KC and Marshall walked around the tables, dodging volunteer workers and hopping over wires that lay on the floor like snakes. The president sat at a desk speaking into a cell phone. His tie hung loose against his white shirt. As he talked, he was watching a small TV set. Like everyone else

plastic strips that looked like seaweed?” KC grabbed the piece from Marshall’s fingers. It was about six inches long and one inch wide. “You’re right!” she cried. “You can see where someone cut it with scissors!” Marshall looked around. “No one from the party should have been way over here by this guard hut,” he said. “So why was the octopus here?” “Maybe this is where he snuck in so he wouldn’t have to go through the tent,” KC suggested. “Snuck in how?” Marshall asked. “He’d have to climb

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