The Essential Drucker: The Best of Sixty Years of Peter Drucker's Essential Writings on Management (Collins Business Essentials)

The Essential Drucker: The Best of Sixty Years of Peter Drucker's Essential Writings on Management (Collins Business Essentials)

Peter F. Drucker

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0061345016

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Father of modern management, social commentator, and preeminent business philosopher, Peter F. Drucker analyzed economics and society for more than sixty years. Now for readers everywhere who are concerned with the ways that management practices and principles affect the performance of organizations, individuals, and society, there is The Essential Drucker—an invaluable compilation of essential materials from the works of a management legend.

Containing twenty-six core selections, The Essential Drucker covers the basic principles and concerns of management and its problems, challenges, and opportunities, giving managers, executives, and professionals the tools to perform the tasks that the economy and society of tomorrow will demand of them.

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traditional society it could be assumed—and was assumed—that learning came to an end with adolescence or, at the latest, with adulthood. What one had not learned by age twenty-one or so, one would never learn. But also what one had learned by age twenty-one or so one would apply, unchanged, the rest of one’s life. On these assumptions was based traditional apprenticeship, traditional crafts, traditional professions, but also the traditional systems of education and the schools. Crafts,

contrary, of all entrepreneurial strategies it is the greatest gamble. And it is unforgiving, making no allowances for mistakes and permitting no second chance. But if successful, “being fustest with the mostest” is highly rewarding. Here are some examples to show what this strategy consists of and what it requires. Hoffmann-LaRoche of Basel, Switzerland, has for many years been the world’s largest and in all probability its most profitable pharmaceutical company. But its origins were quite

its goals through work. To make work productive is, therefore, an essential function. But at the same time, these institutions in today’s society are increasingly the means through which individual human beings find their livelihood, find their access to social status, to community and to individual achievement and satisfaction. To make the worker productive is, therefore, more and more important and is a measure of the performance of an institution. It is increasingly a task of management.

measurements and tests that we have developed for manual work—from industrial engineering to quality control—is not applicable to knowledge work. There are few things less pleasing to the Lord, and less productive, than an engineering department that rapidly turns out beautiful blueprints for the wrong product. Working on the right things is what makes knowledge work effective. This is not capable of being measured by any of the yardsticks for manual work. Knowledge workers cannot be supervised

in perfectly good faith—to obtain the decision he favors. This is true whether the decision-maker is the president of the United States or the most junior engineer working on a design modification. The only way to break out of the prison of special pleading and preconceived notions is to make sure of argued, documented, thought-through disagreements. Second, disagreement alone can provide alternatives to a decision. And a decision without an alternative is a desperate gambler’s throw, no matter

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