The Executioner's Game

The Executioner's Game

Gary Hardwick

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0060575840

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An elite government assassin is sent to kill the man who trained him, only to find that his mission has been compromised and he is trapped in the deadliest game of all.

Luther Green is a government assassin. He is employed by E-1, an agency so secret, even the President is unaware of its activities. Luther was recruited from a military academy and plunged into a world where his only purpose was to eliminate America’s worst enemies. Luther’s mind and body were forged into a killing machine by Alex Deavers, a legendary agent who became Luther’s mentor and best friend in the agency.

When his training was complete, Luther was dispatched around the globe, racking up an impressive list of successful kills. After a decade of service, Luther is a deadly weapon whose former life is a faded memory.

Luther is called back to America for a special assignment. Kilmer Gray, the current Director of E-1, informs Luther that his old friend, Alex Deavers, has turned rogue agent while on assignment in Africa. Deavers has disappeared and is rumored to be insane.
Luther accepts the job of terminating his old friend.

Luther, and his TWA (Tech & Weapons Advisor), Marcellus Hampton, track Deavers to the U.S. Deavers proves a dangerous and elusive target leading Luther on a chase through the bowels of America’s inner cities, dropping clues which signal that all is not as it seems with the mission. Alex lures them into constant danger, testing Luther’s skill and loyalty at each turn.

Finally, Deavers leads Luther to the latter’s hometown, a place where Luther has not shown his face for over ten years. Suddenly, the game is compromised as Luther’s family and old friends are targeted by the rogue agent.

Luther captures Deavers, but now he cannot terminate him, not until he discovers why his old friend turned rogue and what actually happened in Africa. When Luther discovers the truth, he realizes that he was marked for death from the start and must now turn rogue agent himself or face elimination.

Luther discovers a secret spanning a half century, involving billions of dollars and costing millions of innocent lives. Luther summons all of his skill and turns it against the agency which created him. In the climatic battle, Luther topples E-1, humbles a President and rediscovers the man who was turned into a killer.

Twelve Days (John Wells, Book 9)

The American Black Chamber

Der Spion, der mich liebte (James Bond, Band 10)

J. Edgar Hoover & Clyde Tolson: Investigating the Sexual Secrets of America's Most Famous Men and Women


















discovered a lockbox built in to a wall. It was plastered over but had been recently uncovered. The box was empty. Alex had taken something from it and gone. “Why leave Kraemer and the recording?” Luther said. “For you, it would seem,” said Hampton. “I don’t know how to feel about that.” “He’s not going down easy,” said Hampton. “I think we should consider getting some help on this.” Luther thought about Frank and Sharon and their offer. “No, we can do this,” he said. “I hate it when you

gunned down. So Luther had been sent to get the goods on Haklim and bring them into the light of justice. It was his first “NK,” or nonkilling, mission in three years. The president was putting out many fires around the world, and he couldn’t let one like this go on burning. Haklim’s agents were smart, intuitive men. One of them had found Luther’s little camera mounted in the hotel wall. Luther had been watching them and recording everything they did and said when one of them noticed the camera

Luther popped the tooth out of his jaw, and sure enough a tiny black capsule was tucked under the fake molar. Luther took out the capsule and popped it into a small plastic bag. The agency would want to analyze it, perhaps make an antidote to the poison for future missions. Luther stood in the middle of the carnage for a moment. At six-two, his long frame was angular, and even though he was fully clothed, you could see the muscles of his finely toned body. Absently the thought crossed his mind

other building, they realized that the area was still in good shape. There were the remnants of an exit room, complete with empty weapons ports. Above them they heard footfalls and activity. “They keep a skeleton crew here on the weekends,” said Alex. “They only have about three or four guys, one of whom is security. Normally there would be three cops outside and two on the inside, but my terror alert has shifted them away.” “Good,” said Luther. “There’s a staircase. Where do we need to go once

She looked scared as she emerged from the house into the bright sun. Frank settled the crosshairs on her head and squeezed the trigger. Luther froze as the cops got out of the police cruiser. In the front of the building, more police poured in Luther carried a bag with equipment in it and was dirty from being in the basement. He could take them easily, but he felt there might not be any need. “What’s going on, Officers?” he asked. One of the cops checked the city sticker on his Ford while the

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