The Fortress of the Treasure Queen (The Secrets of Droon #23)

The Fortress of the Treasure Queen (The Secrets of Droon #23)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 132


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With nearly 2 million books in print, this Little Apple series is H-O-T, hot. The SECRET is out - DROON is the series that kids, parents, and teachers are talking about!

Ko is back in power -- and nothing in Droon is safe! His beasts have found a lightning-powered submarine hidden in the secret Fortress of the Treasure Queen. Now Eric and his friends have to stop Ko before he destroys Jaffa City. But first they'll need help from their worst enemy -- Lord Sparr. If he can be trusted . . . .

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someone to save us in a minute,” said Neal, running forward from the back of the ship. “Take a look out that rearview window thingy —” “The porthole?” said Julie. “Whatever!” shouted Neal. “I can’t believe it, but — it’s Ms. Freezy!” “Why doesn’t she just give up?” chirped Max. Bazra zoomed up the channel behind them, then shot overhead and hovered before the cabin’s window. Her dark eyes blazed wildly, her ghostly hair flew in every direction, her crown sat lopsided on her head. With a crazy

tugged the chains once more and the jagged teeth started to come down, the ship rushed at the gate. “Brace yourselves!” said Keeah, clutching Max tightly. Kkkkkk! The giant submarine headed right into the curved teeth of the gate. Its huge blade suddenly twisted into the teeth, then spun around, shattering the fangs as if they were made of wood. Sparks sprayed up. Rocks tumbled down from the tunnel ceiling. The guards hurled their spears at the hull. But the submarine burst free of the broken

all three breathing fire. But before the sub could respond — fwing-fwing-fwing! — a sudden round of flaming arrows arched up from the water. Kaww! Kaww! The beasts squealed. Gethwing himself hissed and shrieked a bloodcurdling cry. Another round of fiery arrows shot up. Then another and another. They rose from the Ninns’ sailing boat as it raced across the waves. “Ya-hoooo!” shouted Neal. “Go, Ninns!” cried Julie. Gethwing squawked and flapped up and away from the sub. It circled out of

Julie, Neal, Max, Keeah, and her parents looked down to the harbor below. In the distance, they saw the rolling waves of Droon’s great ocean. “We won today,” said King Zello. “Against Ko, that’s very good.” “Today,” Keeah repeated. “But Sparr said Ko has lots of plans. I think we should have a plan, too. Something Ko might not expect.” “What do you mean?” asked the queen. Keeah held up the map of old Goll. “Since the beginning, we’ve been trying to keep half of Droon free. Maybe that’s not

the rocks. “Grooo-yaaa!” growled the two deep voices of the chief guard. A moment later — cling! plonk-k-k! — a dozen three-edged spears whizzed across the grass, clanking finally against the distant cliffs. “Sheesh!” whispered Neal, scrambling to join his friends. “Why don’t they just leave us alone so we can steal the sub?” The guards waded quickly into the grass. “They’ll get us!” said Julie. “And throw us in a dungeon, and —” “No they won’t!” said Sparr. Looking both ways, he made a

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