The Fractal Prince (Jean le Flambeur)

The Fractal Prince (Jean le Flambeur)

Hannu Rajaniemi

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0765336790

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"The good thing is, no one will ever die again. The bad thing is, everyone will want to."

A physicist receives a mysterious paper. The ideas in it are far, far ahead of current thinking and quite, quite terrifying. In a city of "fast ones," shadow players, and jinni, two sisters contemplate a revolution.
And on the edges of reality a thief, helped by a sardonic ship, is trying to break into a Schrödinger box for his patron. In the box is his freedom. Or not.

Jean de Flambeur is back. And he's running out of time.

In The Fractal Prince, Hannu Rajaniemi's sparkling follow-up to the critically acclaimed international sensation The Quantum Thief, he returns to his awe-inspiring vision of the universe…and we discover what the future held for Earth.

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me more. She could have lived inside me. She always took me out to watch the lights and then put me away. She should have given more. Now she is gone. She only left me one thing. What is it? I can’t tell you. Show me and you can sleep. Show me and you can dance. It echoes in her mind, a word that is like a labyrinth. A Secret Name whose syllables shine in her mind’s eye like a string of pearls. It is long, a melody almost: like all Names, it brings a feeling, a serenity: Father’s kitchen,

the wisp, watching from afar as the Dragon devours his fleet. The oblast’s Hawking drive ruptures. From the thoughtwisp, the conflagration is redshifted into a gentle glow, but there is a furnace burning inside the warmind, even as the phantom pains of the tiny wisp vir crawl all over the body he no longer has. The Founders must be told, he swears. For all my brothers. For the Task. The Universe that the quantum gods made is cruel and random. Before he reaches the nearest wisp router, the zoku

it. They collapse it to Planck scale. There is a singularity. The information density goes beyond the Bekenstein bound. You get a little black hole: so small it’s not stable. So it blows up, beneath the crust. It’s a fantastic lightshow. And it’ll happen here soon.’ There is a wistful look in the boy’s eyes. ‘The goddess will come after the quake, to gather her children, to soak up the Hawking radiation. I’m here to meet her. And to give her a peach of immortality.’ Mieli stands up. Her body

he replaces the book in the shelf and starts walking up the stairs. The wood groans under his weight with each step. He feels heavy. The handrail suddenly feels soft in his grip. If he is not careful, he will sink into another, deeper dream. But then he sees it: a flash of blue amongst the grey volumes, up in the corner shelf ahead, just where the stairway ends. Below, the shopkeeper coughs again, a mucous, jagged sound. Matjek reaches for the book, standing up on his toes and pulling at the

everything. There will be nothing left.’ ‘They will deliver my past self to me. They can have the rest, for all they care.’ The thief runs his fingers through sand. ‘You know, Matjek, I am curious. What is it that made you into such a bastard? You never told me in Paris.’ ‘Are you still trying to get my Founder Codes, Jean?’ Matjek says. ‘I assure you it won’t be that easy.’ ‘Actually, I’m really just dying to know. I’ve told you a story. Perhaps you could entertain us with one. Mieli seemed

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