The Fuller Memorandum (A Laundry Files Novel)

The Fuller Memorandum (A Laundry Files Novel)

Charles Stross

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 044102050X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Computational demonologist Bob Howard is catching up on his filing in the Laundry archives when a top secret dossier known as the Fuller Memorandum vanishes-along with his boss, who is suspected of stealing the file. And while dealing with Russian agents, ancient demons, and a maniacal death cult, Bob must find the missing memorandum before the world ends up disappearing next.

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than thirty seconds, all in different states, and it’s confused. The shotgun pitches up as it clumsily jerks the trigger, and there’s a repetitive stabbing pain in my ears as it blasts away at the ceiling above the crowd. They’ve got the doors open, and they’re trying to run away. Stop firing, I tell it, as the panicking cultists scramble for the exit. Shut and barricade the door behind them. I can see a hooded female, eyes staring back at me and full of hate; it’s Jonquil. She mouths

it’s like where I’ve been, to a good first approximation. We spent a lot of time together, just holding hands. It feels very strange, touching someone who’s alive. Maybe in another week I’ll be able to hug her without recoiling because I’m terrified I’m going to accidentally eat her mind. (That’s the trouble with this job. Sometimes it chews you up and spits you out—literally.) Mo came back the next weekend, too. She says she’s trying to get a week’s compassionate leave, but the fallout from

state of a controlled nuclear reactor—to prompt criticality—a sudden unwanted outburst of power, halfway between a normal nuclear reaction and a nuclear explosion. Nobody predicted this before: we all expected CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN to switch on with a bang, not a weeks-long transition, an explosion rather than a meltdown. For a few days, we’ll be gods—before it tears the walls of the world apart, and lets the nightmares in. “Ought to make the best use of what time we’ve got left,” she thinks

dispensation to respond to any question, the first time it is posed—and only the first time—by warning us if in your judgment the reply would require you to disclose codeword-classified information. Please state your understanding of this variance, in your own words.” I clear my throat. “If you ask me about sensitive projects I’m allowed to stonewall—once. If you ask me again, I have to tell you, period. Uh, I assume that’s because you’d prefer to keep the enquiry from accidentally covering so

you that you’re being suspended on full pay pending a full hearing.” “They’re what?” I hear my voice rise uncontrollably, cracked. But what about Angleton’s plan? “But it’s not a FATACC anymore—” “Bob! Bob? Calm down. This isn’t the end of the world. I’m sure the hearing will exonerate you; they don’t want you in the office until it’s over. It’s just a routine precaution—Bob?” She’s talking to my back—I’m halfway down the corridor by the time she says my name, then round the bend and halfway

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