The Future of Software Engineering

The Future of Software Engineering

Language: English

Pages: 185

ISBN: 3642151868

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book focuses on defining the achievements of software engineering in the past decades and showcasing visions for the future. It features a collection of articles by some of the most prominent researchers and technologists who have shaped the field: Barry Boehm, Manfred Broy, Patrick Cousot, Erich Gamma, Yuri Gurevich, Tony Hoare, Michael A. Jackson, Rustan Leino, David L. Parnas, Dieter Rombach, Joseph Sifakis, Niklaus Wirth, Pamela Zave, and Andreas Zeller. The contributed articles reflect the authors‘ individual views on what constitutes the most important issues facing software development. Both research- and technology-oriented contributions are included. The book provides at the same time a record of a symposium held at ETH Zurich on the occasion of Bertrand Meyer‘s 60th birthday.

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things generally available in computing systems, such as numbers and the arithmetical operations on them. In our clinical trial scenario, the publicly available substrate would tell, for example, which contract research organizations are conducting which trials. A contract research organization’s substrate would tell which sites are to participate in which trials as well as which patient ID numbers have been allocated to each site. The sites, in turn, would have in their substrates information

need to expand the communication mechanism of DKAL so that it can be used to modify not only a principal’s knowledge assertions but also his communication rules and filters (and ASM rules). And, as we mentioned in the introduction, we also need to bring non-justified communication into the current framework. Evidential Authorization 99 References 1. Abadi, M., Burrows, M., Lampson, B., Plotkin, G.: A Calculus for Access Control in Distributed Systems. ACM Trans. on Programming Languages and

manufacture to be based on the types of theoretical foundations and practical disciplines, that are traditional in the established branches of engineering.” Certainly, the participants were not complacent. At the 1968 meeting Dijkstra said in discussion: “The general admission of the existence of the software failure in this group of responsible people is the most refreshing experience I have had in a number of years, because the admission of shortcomings is the primary condition for

contrivance, will have several contexts of operation. For example, a system to control lifts in a building containing offices, shops and residential apartments must take account of the different demand patterns imposed from hour to hour and from day to day by this usage. There will also be extraordinary operational contexts such as emergency operation under control of the fire department, operation under test control of a representative of the licensing authority, and operation during periodic

documentation notation is precise, it will help the designers to think about the important details rather than evade making conscious decisions. A design decision will only be able to guide and constrain subsequent decisions if it is clearly and precisely documented. Documentation is the medium that designers use to record and communicate their decisions [6]. 3.2 Documentation based design reviews Every design decision should be reviewed by other developers as well as specialists in specific

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