The Genie King (The Secrets of Droon: Special Edition #7)

The Genie King (The Secrets of Droon: Special Edition #7)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 178


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The secret is out--DROON is the series that kids, parents, and teachers are talking about! There are now over 9 million DROON books in print.

Neal, Julie, and Keeah are on a quest to find the wizard Galen and his all-powerful Moon Medallion. But this is no ordinary mission, for the Moon Medallion is hidden in no ordinary place. It's somewhere in Ut, a magical city in a bottle that only appears once every one hundred years.

Fortunately, as a genie, Neal can travel through time. But he'll need a little help from his fellow genies to find the Medallion. To prove himself, he must complete seven difficult trials. Will he pass the genies' test in time to save Galen?

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“I thought I felt something. But they’re just children playing with marbles.” “Uh … no,” said Dumpella. “Those aren’t children. And those aren’t marbles. They’re thieves, and they’re trading stolen objects.” “Perhaps one of the objects is the Pearl Sea?” asked Max. “Shall we investigate?” “Be careful,” said Keeah as they approached. What looked at first like children turned out to be a pair of stubby old men with hairy faces and furry cloaks. One had ears like a dog, one ear up, the other

really?” “What do you mean?” asked Julie. “Look at him —” “No, you look at him,” said Eric. As Eric spoke, they felt the tower shake with a thunderous boom. The giant obelisk exploded into a thousand pieces. “What —” gasped Julie. “Ungast!” the dragon howled. Still wrapped in chains, Gethwing staggered out of the hole. With a thrust of his iron tail, he hurled the genies across the square and pushed away the remains of the stone obelisk as if they were nothing. Still bound, Gethwing

more thing….’” Neal had to squint because the letters were so tiny. Concentrating on Julie’s memory, he was finally able to read the word. “Twins,” he said. “Galen said ‘twins.’” Purple smoke? A hundred years? Twins? “I’ve got it!” Neal said. In a flash, the bright little library of Julie’s brain vanished, and both he and Julie were back in the Winter Room with everyone else. Blinking her eyes open, Julie glared at him. “Neal, were you just rummaging around inside my head?” He grinned. “I

spot Max had located. The same wingwolves they had seen flying over Silversnow had joined with others. Now they numbered in the thousands. “Okay, look,” Neal said. “Ut usually appears once every century. The sun strikes the bottle, it shakes like crazy, and out it comes. Today, we’ll need a temporary spell to make it appear. I’m pretty sure there’s one in my scroll.” “While you conjure Ut, I’ll create a shield to keep the wingwolves out,” said Keeah. “And I’ll create a dust storm,” said Julie.

“Dumpella?” “Nealie?” All at once, a voice bellowed down from above. “GUARDS, FIND THOSE KIDS!” “Get down,” whispered Dumpella, pulling Neal to his knees. “Here comes my brother. Wait till you see him!” Duke Snorfo did come. But instead of his usual ornate carriage and pilkas — whoosh-voom! — the boy with the face identical to Neal’s flew overhead on a big red genie urn. “Whoa!” Neal said. “How can he do that?” “Magic,” said Dumpella. “And look what he’s got on.” Duke Snorfo, scowling

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