The Good Life: The Autobiography Of Tony Bennett

The Good Life: The Autobiography Of Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1416573666

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

He's that regular guy from Astoria, Queens, who left his heart in San Francisco. He's the postwar heartthrob who inspired hundreds of young girls to wear black outside St. Patrick's Cathedral on his wedding day. He's the darling of the MTV generation who made music history when, at the age of 68, he won the coveted Grammy Award® for Album of the Year. He's the consummate artist known worldwide for his paintings. He's Tony Bennett, whose star shines brighter than ever as he enters his fifth decade of performing. Now, for the first time, this legend shares his amazing life story -- in a voice that's pure Tony Bennett: warm, resonant, and unforgettable.

"Tony Bennett has not just bridged the generation gap, he has demolished it," praised The New York Times. Since his appearance with the Red Hot Chili Peppers of the 1993 MTV Video Awards, and the addition of his seminal video, "Steppin' Out," to the MTV playlist, Bennett has become the hottest -- and coolest -- pop-culture icon for today's younger listeners, while remaining beloved by their parents and grandparents. An astonishing four generations have experienced the Tony Bennett magic -- the mesmerizing spell of a singer in love with singing, who embraces his audience with a soulful serenity communicated by both the man and his music.

Honored with countless awards, including eight Grammys, and with more than ninety albums to his credit (more than thirty million sold for the Columbia label alone), no other recording artist has attained Bennett's stature -- or garnered the half-century of memories shared in The Good Life. From Sinatra, Judy Garland and Ella Fitzgerald, to k.d. lang and Elvis Costello, Bennett shares his unique takes on the most fascinating talents of our time. Here is the story of his lifelong love affair with art, music, and performing -- from his childhood in Depression-era Queens, where opera and Billie Holiday flowed freely; to his stint as a singing waiter; to soaking up the New York jazz scene in the 1940s. With crisp wit and firmly grounded emotion, Bennett captures the people and places that shaped his sublime performances. The dozens of hits he introduced to the great American songbook, including "Because of You," "Rags to Riches," "Cold, Cold Heart," and his signature song, "I Left My Heart in Son Francisco," remain a legacy of truth and beauty for the classic art of intimate singing.

In this wonderfully revealing self-portrait, we get to know Tony Bennett as he really is: an unpretentious and thoughtful human being. His key to success is consistency: His constant dedication in his pursuit of excellence has never wavered, despite the trials and tribulations one can encounter when placing integrity above all else. Through all of his personal and artistic challenges, he has remained, in his own words, "a humanist" whose Zen-like philosophy of life is an inspiration for all ages. Like the fascinating story he shares in The Good Life, Tony Bennett is one of a kind, an American treasure, an enduring artist seasoned with experience and self-knowledge, and a true class act.

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of show business. I studied with her for a while, and I learned all the basics of performing in front of an audience, including how to tap dance while singing! I really loved her. Mae helped me get a singing gig that I’ll never forget. It was September, 1939. There was a special club for British officers in New York, basically their equivalent of the USO, and Mae Homer had some kind of connection to the club and arranged for me to perform there. I sang “There’ll Always Be an England.” It was a

refused to let her backstage. She was standing there at the stage door trying to convince the doorman that I’d invited her to the show when Billy, my drummer, happened to walk by and he rescued her. What a welcome Patricia had that day! Soon after, I convinced her to move to New York City so we could be together more often. She found a job working for a broker on Forty-fourth Street as a gal Friday. I was on the road a lot that year, but New York was always my home base, so I got to see her a

Hartman, and that’s all I needed to know. He got the job instantly. Claude passed my songbook on to Ralph, and he stayed with me for the next ten years. Hooking up with Ralph was one of the best career moves I’ve ever made. No one understands me more than he does, and we’ve become as close as brothers. Ralph is my idea of the perfect accompanist. He’s a beautiful musician, and even more than most great players, he really knows how to perform with a singer or a soloist. He doesn’t show off like a

Wonderful Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep 8/11/58 Firefly The Night That Heaven Fell 11/17/58 Love Look Away Blue Moon 2/19/59 Being True to One Another It’s So Peaceful in the Country 4/13/59 The Cool School You’ll Never Get Away from Me 7/6/59 Smile You Can’t Love ‘Em All 11/2/59 Climb Ev’ry Mountain Ask Anyone in Love 2/29/60 Ask Me (I Know) I’ll Bring You a Rainbow 5/23/60 Put on a Happy Face Baby Talk to Me 8/8/60 Till I Am 10/24/60 Marriage-Go

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