The Infant of Prague

The Infant of Prague

Bill Granger

Language: English

Pages: 0

ISBN: 0446347809

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Devereaux, code name November, is called back into service to help a Czechoslovakian agent defect to the West. At the same time a Czech child actress defects while on tour in America, and it is up to Devereaux to discover the connection between the two defections.

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world and only Christ weeps for me.” She said this in a flat, stubborn English voice. And then Hal Newt saw Anton Huss at the edge of the set. Anton took a step forward and Hal said, “Number Three, catch the guy, get some lights on him. He’s the goon who brought her here and killed her parents—” Tom Day, still befuddled, caught the direction on his earpiece. He turned to see Anton Huss and shouted, “Murderer!” Anton Huss stopped. Camera Three came in close, the lights blinding him. He held up

masters become suspicious?” “What if it was not about money at all? What would you say then, Mr. Devereaux?” Devereaux hesitated. There was a fierce certainty about Cernan in that moment. “Not everything can be explained in terms of money,” he said. “What if I use you to pry… someone else… to return to Prague?” “Who?” Devereaux said. Cernan did let the smile fall now. “You see, an American sees everything in terms of what it will cost and what he is willing to pay. But there are matters

the driver and the car. “We were not involved,” Philip said. His voice was a moan. The blood was dried on his cheek but the scar would be very bad. “You were involved,” Mason said. He stared at Philip. “You fucked with the United States government, Philip.” He said the verb softly, almost with a child’s wonder. His voice was even more soft than it had been at the beginning. “But you might survive yet if you do everything right. I want you to get hold of Colonel Ready. I want you to call Jans

look, the sleep look. You wait to die.” His voice was a little awed by what he saw in Devereaux’s face. He took a step to Devereaux’s side. Devereaux raised his right hand and touched him. “Please,” he said. Ready half turned toward him. It was the perfect position. Devereaux drove the blade of the Swiss army knife high into Ready’s liver, through flesh and bowel. The knife pierced the pancreas in that demonic thrust. It was all shoulder, arm, hand, leveraged into the body from the man on

MAN WHO HEARD TOO MUCH “The action is swift and brutal… his sense of characters is powerful. As ever with Granger, the prose is the opposite of the bloodless stuff of techno-thrillers.” —Chicago Tribune “Granger’s plots can be as intricate as the best le Carré… Granger is a master of fooling the unwary reader.” —St. Louis Post-Dispatch “Bill Granger is a rarity among writers of serious novels. Each of his books seems better than before.” —Minneapolis Star-Tribune LEAGUE OF TERROR “Granger

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