The Lost World of Bletchley Park: An illustrated History of the Wartime Codebreaking Centre

The Lost World of Bletchley Park: An illustrated History of the Wartime Codebreaking Centre

Sinclair McKay

Language: English

Pages: 174


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Featuring vintage black-and-white as well as full-color photography throughout - over 200 photographs total, including many previously unpublished images from Bletchley Park's archives - The Lost World of Bletchley Park: An Illustrated History of the Wartime Codebreaking Centre lives up to its title as the definitive history of the Buckinghamshire codebreaking centre that achieved the nigh-unimaginable accomplishment of cracking the German Enigma codes. Their achievement had a crucial, possibly even decisive impact on the course of World War Two. Even before the war, Bletchley Park was a fashionable location for intellectuals, engineers, and the noblest of aristocratic traditions, as the holding of Liberal MP Sir Herbert Leon. After the war, Bletchley Park was first abandoned, then eventually transformed into a thriving museum and testament to British ingenuity and resilience. The Lost World of Bletchley Park not only covers the famous personages and codebreakers of the park, but also day-to-day life in Bletchley as a wartime town. An extensively researched visual as well as informational treasury, The Lost World of Bletchley Park is highly recommended, particularly for public and college library world history collections.

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