The Luckiest Girl (An Avon Camelot Book)

The Luckiest Girl (An Avon Camelot Book)

Beverly Cleary

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0380728060

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Falling in Love . . .

Shelly fells as if she's living in a fantasyland. She's spending the school year in southern California, where flowers bloom in November, oranges grow on trees, and lawns are mowed in winter. When the star of the basketball team smiles at her, Shelly feels as if she's been touch by magic. Now she's about to discover the magic of falling in love!

A bittersweet story of first love from one of America's most beloved children's authors.

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answered Shelley, stumped for the right sort of answer. “Such as?” prompted the boy. The only Roving Reporter interview that Shelley could recall very clearly was the interview in which Philip, or rather Frisbie, had referred to her. This gave her an idea. “Specifically, I like basketball players who take biology,” she answered with unaccustomed daring. “Basketball players, biology,” muttered the reporter, and flashed a grin at Shelley. “Thanks a lot. That should fill up my space.” “You’re

was bad enough, but an F on Philip’s record was far worse, because it might keep him from getting into college. Maybe she had ruined his whole career, even his whole life. Shelley wondered what Philip would think of her now. If they had not been so aware of each other in class, if they had both worked harder…Then Shelley remembered that Philip had not asked to see her this weekend. Chapter 9 Friday evening Shelley tried to forget Philip while she dutifully studied biology. Because the

“Now why on earth should you refuse to wear a beautiful sweater like this?” Katie stared at the floor. “It’s hand-knit,” she said finally. “With cable stitch.” She made cable stitch sound like something peculiarly loathsome. Mavis could not help laughing. “Katie, how ridiculous,” she said. “That makes the sweater all the more lovely.” “I’m not ridiculous,” said Katie resentfully. “I don’t see why you have to go around saying I am ridiculous all the time.” Mavis ignored this outburst. “Katie,

family?” Mrs. Latham’s voice expressed disbelief. “You can’t really mean it.” Mr. Latham continued as if his wife had not spoken. “After all, Shelley is an only child and the experience of living with a larger family should be good for her.” Shelley considered this. She had always liked being an only child and had felt sorry for some of her friends who sometimes had to go without new clothes because of the expense of keeping an older brother or sister in college, or who had to babysit with

“Maybe I do have a story after all.” Briefly she described the episode. “And how do you think it would be,” she concluded, “if I wrote it straight and told what really did happen? I mean, wouldn’t that make a story?” “Sure it would,” said Hartley enthusiastically. “That would be a better story than if he had answered your questions straight.” “Do you really think so?” asked Shelley eagerly. “I know it,” said Hartley. “Then I’ll do it,” said Shelley. “It will make me look like an awful idiot

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