The Man's Manual: Poker Secrets, Beer Lore, Waitress Hypnosis, and Much, Much More

The Man's Manual: Poker Secrets, Beer Lore, Waitress Hypnosis, and Much, Much More

Gregg Stebben

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1602392412

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Every man needs to know how to flirt with a waitress, right? And how to make sure beer is part of every meal, not just breakfast? And how to work out to actually get a workout? Now all this information, and less "manly" but no less essential tips, can be found in one place. The only book a man needs to lead a well-rounded life, The Man's Manual provides instruction on "inspirational sex," urban tenting, what to do to with your thumb after you whack it with a hammer, and much, much more. Here are succinct, step-by-step directions for impersonating a smart person, and landing an airplane safely. Learn to tie a bowtie, fight cancer (consume green tea and tomatoes, but not necessarily at the same time), and organize a poker game. Determine how exactly to become a sex object, how to talk lingerie, and how to make love like a pro. There is material on baking brownies, cooking geese, and even hunting down your own venison. The sheer amount of information contained in this friendly, accessible book will enchant even the most discriminating reader.

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