The Miracle Jar: A Hanukkah Story

The Miracle Jar: A Hanukkah Story

Audrey Penn

Language: English

Pages: 5

ISBN: 1933718269

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sophie and her brother are excited by the arrival of Hanukkah, and they happily clean the cottage and shine the Menorah as their gift to the family. But when their mother shares her worry that they do not have enough cooking oil to last eight days, their father tells them the story behind the holiday celebration and the miracle of the oil. Inspired by the story, the family creates its own Miracle Jar and watches the oil disappear as they enjoy the special food that each day brings. The family's hope and faith is confirmed when a last wipe of the cloth produces enough oil to prepare the eight day's treat.

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off the shelf and showed it to everyone. “The jar is almost empty, and there’s too much snow on the ground to go fetch more from the store.” Sophie clapped her hands excitedly. “Then that will be our family gift. We’ll make the oil in the jar last all eight nights of Hanukkah and make our own miracle.” “What a wonderful idea!” agreed Father. He made a label that read “Miracle Jar” and tied it to the glass container using a string. “Let’s see if our Miracle Jar will surprise us like the sacred

Ruben over to his chair and handed each a shiny gold coin called gelt. “These coins are to remind us that after Maccabee became an independent state, they proudly minted their own coins instead of using those of the Syrians.” “Well, I suppose it’s time for our first miracle gift,” announced Mother. She led Sophie to the kitchen where together they peeled and grated three large baking potatoes. When they finished, Mother opened the Miracle Jar and poured some of the oil into the heavy black

skillet. When the oil was nice and hot, she poured the potato batter into four little pancakes. She and Sophie watched as the latkes bubbled and fried, turning a nice, crispy golden brown. When they cooled, Sophie, Ruben, Mother, and Father each delighted in a potato pancake. They all agreed that it was a very tasty holiday gift. When the remainder of the oil cooled, Sophie’s mother poured it back into the special jar, to be used for the remaining treats. On the second night of Hanukkah,

another Miracle Jar next year,” said Sophie. “Then we can have eight miracles instead of just seven.” “Remember what Father said. Sometimes, all it takes is a little imagination to come up with a Hanukkah miracle.” Mother led her family into the kitchen, then reached up and took the empty Miracle Jar off the shelf. Next, she opened the door to the pantry and reached up to the top shelf. Her fingers knew just where to go as she grabbed hold of a small piece of cheesecloth. While her family

going to sweep the floors for my Hanukkah gift.” Ruben ate his breakfast and then sat at the table, looking thoughtful. “What can I give as my Hanukkah gift?” he asked his mother. “Well, let’s see.” Ruben’s mother glanced around the house. Her eyes fell on the brass menorah her grandfather had made more than fifty years earlier. “You can polish the menorah,” she told Ruben. “Then you can add the shamash and first candle for tonight.” Ruben grinned and went straight to work cleaning and

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