The Moaning of Life: The Worldly Wisdom of Karl Pilkington

The Moaning of Life: The Worldly Wisdom of Karl Pilkington

Karl Pilkington

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 1782111549

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Karl Pilkington is back on the road, and this time he's on a journey of self-discovery, in The Moaning of Life, the follow-up to An Idiot Abroad

Karl Pilkington is 40 years old. He's not married, he doesn't have kids, and he has a job where he's known as an "idiot." It's time for him to take stock and face up to life's big question—what does it all
mean? Karl is no stranger to travel, and now he's off on a series of madcap adventures around the globe to find out how other cultures approach life's big issues. Traveling from far-flung tribes to high-tech cities, Karl experiences everything from a drive-through wedding in Las Vegas to a vocational theme park in Japan. He meets a group of people in Mexico who find happiness through pain, attends a clowning school in Los Angeles, and even encounters a woman in Bali who lets him help deliver her baby. Have his experiences changed him? Find out in this hilarious new book where Karl shares his stories and opinions in his inimitable style.

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play’ and then started laughing to itself. Another woman’s doll started to cry, so she had to pick it up and hug it to make it stop. It’s bad enough when real kids start screaming their tripe out in Starbucks cos they can’t have a ‘babyccino’, but it would be even more annoying if the racket you could hear was coming from a toy. But just like a real mum with a real kid, the noise coming from the toy didn’t seem to bother her. Kids are like farts in that way. They never seem to bother the owner as

can’t sell it cheaper than that. You might get it cheaper in the shopping centre, but you’d have to get on a bus to get there. How much is that going to cost? It won’t be cheaper. You’d have to get a bus there and a bus back. KID: It has to be cheaper. KARL: Stop following me around. You think I’m suddenly going to sell it for next to nothing? The lowest I can do is 50. So if you buy for 50, we can talk, but I won’t drop it below 50. KID: No. They were a tough crowd. People who don’t have

say, I’m not complaining, as it made the job a lot easier. If I had to do this at my auntie Nora’s house I’d be moving so many ornaments about, it would be like playing chess. As I polished the floor Mr Koyma told me how he got into the job. MR KOYMA: Well, in my former work I was sitting in front of a computer all day. I realised I wanted to change jobs and do something more active and physical, and also I quite like this job because I can see customers being happy right in front of me.

hang upside down even when they’re dead, as their claws automatically close. • Wombat poo comes out in squares. • A lot of koala bears have bad backs, as they sit up all day even though their spines aren’t designed for it. At least then, if they don’t like me, I haven’t totally wasted their time. They go away with a little nugget of information that they’ll remember, which also means they’ll remember me. Next, Vinnie told us we were going to be walking on fire. VINNIE: Why would we

the jawline of a jelly baby. A lot of people have said I look quite Polish, as they tend to have round faces too. People have approached me before and I’ve thought they’ve wanted a photo with me cos they’ve seen me on the telly, but then they’ve asked for a quote to fit a new kitchen. Two and a half hours later Jamie’s work was done. JAMIE: I am now happier. KARL: Are you really? Shouldn’t I be saying that, not you? JAMIE: It’s so subtle, you probably won’t be able to tell because you

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