The Mysterious Island (Secrets of Droon #3)

The Mysterious Island (Secrets of Droon #3)

Tony Abbott

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 0590108409

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Splursh! Ka-thoom! Eric, Julie, and Neal are sailing with Princess Keeah. Suddenly, they are caught in the middle of a magical ocean storm. They are shipwrecked on an island that belongs to one of Lord Sparr's witches. Now Eric, Julie, Neal, and Princess Keeah have to get off the island before Lord Sparr gets them!

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the tree. “On the count of three, you guys run, okay?” “How about on the count of one?” Neal asked. “Very funny,” Eric said. “One …” Keeah jumped up. She pointed her hands at the bugs. “Two …” said Eric. Keeah narrowed her eyes. “Tomba — snooka — jeeba —” “… three!” Eric shouted. “Three!” said Keeah. “No, wait! I mean floo!” Too late. Neal and Julie were already leaping off the rock when — ka-bam! — a bolt of bright green light shot from Keeah’s hands. The air filled with smoke. The bugs

They reached one ledge after another without stopping. There wasn’t time. Soon they lost sight of the beach below. “Careful,” Julie said, joining Neal, Max, and Keeah on a narrow ledge. “Remember what the flies said. The groggles are up here. That means the Ninns are close by. They’re not exactly going to welcome us.” “We’re heading into danger,” Keeah added. Eric’s heart raced. He stopped to catch his breath. “Why are the tiny creatures friendly and the big, powerful ones mean? Answer me

Max. “Now!” Eric shouted. Neal twitched, and the flies surrounded the fat Ninn. “Ugh!” the guard growled, swatting the flies. His heavy sword dropped to the ground. At the same instant, Eric leaped through the fire. He was ready to scream, but he didn’t have to. The instant he stuck his hand in, the flames ran over his fingers. The fire was icy cold! “Silfs! I knew it!” he cried. The strange creatures spilled in a shower to the ground. “Demither has betrayed me!” Sparr cried. Eric and Julie

ceiling flickered and dimmed. “There’s only one way to find out,” Eric said. Doom-da-doom! Thunder exploded overhead. “Hurry before the power goes,” Julie added. Eric felt his heart race as they went to the closet under the steps. Just like the other times, he pulled the door open and turned on the light. They entered the small room. Where are we going this time? Eric wondered. So far, the stairs had never taken them to the same place twice. And the stairway always faded and reappeared in

had gone to Droon, the stairs had taken them somewhere different. He wondered where the stairs would lead this time. “I see clouds!” Julie said. “We’re in the air!” Rrrr. A rumbling sound came from the clouds. “Sounds like something is coming,” Neal said. Suddenly, the clouds parted. A round silver shape passed slowly under the bottom step. “Whoa! It’s some kind of huge flying thing,” Julie said. The rainbow-colored stairs began to ripple under them. “As usual, the stairway is fading too

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