Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage

Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1405204044

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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just look at the time!’ said Pip, in horror. �We’ll be late for our dinner again - and Mother will blame you, Fatty, as well as us! Come on, Bets, for goodness’ sake!’ Larry and Daisy came to the front gate to see them off. They all rode away on their bicycles, Ern too. �So long!’ he said, with his usual beaming smile. �I’m off to the Wooshes now. They’re expecting me for dinner. I’ve got all my things in my bike-basket!’ �So long!’ said Fatty, amused at the tiny bundle in Ern’s basket. Ern

her now, before our train comes in and scares her.’ Larkin shuffled off, limping as he went. He hadn’t said a word. Poppet had been handed back to him as if she were a doll, and was now snuggled into his coat again. Goon was growing impatient. He still had his notebook in his hand. The children were wondering whether they could make a dash and go, but Goon had his eye on them. �Now, Madam,’ said Goon, �about this dog here. Can I have your name and address, please, and…’ �Oh! Here’s our

and peered through it. �Ah - this is the one with the big bowl of dead flowers,’ said Fatty, remembering. �There they are still - deader than ever! And the chairs are still all in their dust-sheets.’ His eyes slid round, remembering everything - and then he frowned. Something was missing. He was sure it was. Something that had puzzled him. Yes - there had been a little rubber bone on the floor, beside that stool. But it was gone now! Fatty peered and peered, trying to see the bone. But it had

game with you!’ Buster scraped at the gate and whined. �No, no, Buster,’ said Fatty. �You’re already in enough trouble with Mr. Goon without getting into any more! We’d better go.’ They were just turning away when a voice came from the cottage. �Poppet! �Ere, Poppet. Where are you? You come along in!’ Poppet immediately disappeared into a bush to hide, and lay there quietly. The children watched in amusement. �Where’s that dog gone?’ said the voice, and footsteps came down a path - limping,

so! Now about this here dog of yours…’ �If the Lorenzos have gone off and nobody knows where, any complaint they made is not likely to be of any use to you,’ said Fatty scornfully. �Hadn’t you better forget about Buster, and concentrate on finding the Lorenzos - or the picture, whatever it is, Mr. Goon?’ Mr. Goon knew when he was beaten. He shut his notebook and began to bluster. �Well, if there’s anybody else makes a single complaint about that dog - a single complaint, I say - he’ll soon

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