The North Dakota Joke Book

The North Dakota Joke Book

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Book by Dalton, Mike

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with a North Dakotan? ,UI a A short garbage man. An affluent North Dakotan family is one that can buy twice as much cockroach powder as the family next door. Did you hear about the North Dakotan bride who cancelled the u'edding when she heard her friends were planning to give her a shower? North Dakotans probably won’t allow the sale of gasohol in their state. They’re afraid it will make their headlights bloodshot. 143 What’s the number one record in North Dakota right now? “She's Only

shots into the air, wait fifteen minutes, then fire three more shots, and so on. One of the North Dakotans did become lost. Two days later they found him and asked why he hadn’t used the instructions and fired three shots. “Well, I did,” said the North Dakotan, “but I ran out of arrows.” 42 Definition of a North Dakotan intellectual: One who reads to himself without moving his lips. What is the perfect gift for the North Dakotan who has everything? A garbage truck to put it in. A North

reasons I cannot understand they tell “Montana” jokes in Florida. Here in Montana we dwell on the exploits of our eastern neighbors in North Dakota. For the most part the North Dakotan is of Nor­ wegian /Swedish descent. Works very, very hard in a very hostile climate and has a very limited sense of humor. Knowing that North Dakotans cannot laugh at themselves makes the jokes about them even funnier. I have had many people tell me they have bought my books to send to their in-laws in North

tied a bell on the neck of one of the horses to tell them apart but the bell fell off. At last the North Dakotan decided to measure the horses to see if maybe one was taller than the other. Sure enough. The white horse was five inches taller than the black horse. A North Dakotan and a Montanan agreed to meet in Calgary to go hunting. Two weeks after the Montanan arrived in Calgary the North Dakotan showed up. The Montanan asked the North Dakotan what took him so long. The North Dakotan said.

report came out saying that cigarettes caused cancer in mice, the North Dako­ tan put his cigarettes up on a high shelf where the mice couldn’t reach them. 69 A North Dakotan won a gold medal in the 76 Winter Olympics in Austria. He was so proud of it that he took it to a shop in Innsbruck and had it bronzed There was a North Dakotan minister who was very intelligent. In fact, he had so many degrees that his North Dakotan parishioners called him “Father Fahrenheit.” Did you know it takes 2001

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