The Not-So-Jolly Roger #2 (Time Warp Trio)

The Not-So-Jolly Roger #2 (Time Warp Trio)

Jon Scieszka

Language: English

Pages: 64

ISBN: 0142400459

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Everyone’s favorite time-travelers are changing their styles!  The Time Warp Trio series now features a brand-new, eye-catching design, sure to appeal to longtime fans, and those new to Jon Scieszka’s wacky brand of humor.

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have to go to school Monday.” Sam gave his glasses a push. “Ha. Ha. Ha. You’re so funny, I forgot to laugh.” Fred started to slide down the tree trunk. “What’s the big deal? We find the treasure, dig it up, Joe says the hocus-pocus stuff, and we go back home millionaires.” “Well ...” I said. “What’s this ‘well?’ ” said Sam. “I don’t like the sound of this ‘well.’ ” “Well, The Book says there are a lot of ways to travel in time,” I said. “But the only way to get back to our time is to find

... oh, no.” “What’s an ono?” I asked. Sam pointed out to the ocean. We could just see the front of a sailing ship appearing from around the edge of the island. “Hey, it looks like a ship,” said Fred. “Three guesses what kind of ship, Einstein,” said Sam. “And the first two don’t count.” We clutched our trees and watched the front of the ship turn into what looked like a huge wooden ocean liner. Except this ocean liner had cannons. And it was flying a flag from its mast—a black flag with a

just as Sam had predicted, with four pistols and one wicked-looking cutlass. “Bad luck,” whispered Sam. “I’ll bet anything that’s Blackbeard ... and not the Walt Disney version.” “Who’s Blackbeard?” Fred whispered from his tree. “His real name was Edward Teach,” said Sam. “Some people say he was the craziest and meanest pirate of all time.” “Oh,” said Fred. The two ragged guys staggered up the beach lugging the chest between them. The giant black pirate counted off paces behind them.

and gentleman,” I began, stalling for time. “Well, I guess just gentleman, really. Maybe I should say fellows. But that really doesn’t sound much like the beginning of a magic show. I always like to start my magic shows with ‘Ladies and gentlemen.’ So does my uncle Joe, now that I think of it—” “Stow the gab,” yelled a coal-black guy with a knife. “Rarzzerfrazzerrowwowarrrgh,” added his friend with a pistol in his belt. I broke out in a sweat. The already-ugly crowd got uglier. “Fake!”

said Sam. “I read once that a dead man’s chest is another name for a coffin. That’s how sixteen men can fit on one.” I rowed a few more strokes and watched the sun going down. “That’s great.” I turned and looked at the huge pirate laughing and singing with Fred. Something about his eyes and the red light from the sunset shining off his pistols made me nervous. Sam leaned over as he pulled his oar and said what I was thinking. “I don’t trust this guy. All the legends and books say he was one

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