02: The O'Sullivan Twins at St Clare's

02: The O'Sullivan Twins at St Clare's

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 193


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Schooldays at St Clare's are never dull for twins Pat and Isabel O'Sullivan in Enid Blyton's much-loved boarding school series.

In book two, it's the start of the Easter Term and the twins are looking forward to meeting all their friends at St Clare's once more. They are determined to be obedient and studious, but the new girls prove to be so much fun. Poor Mam'zelle had better watch out.

Expect mischief at St Clare's!

Between 1941 and 1946, Enid Blyton wrote six novels set at St Clare's. This edition features the original text and is unillustrated.

Precious Blood (The Blessed, Book 1)

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a few hours. The girls all went to bed as usual. Erica had complained of a sore throat and had been sent to Matron. Matron had taken her temperature, and found that it was a hundred. So into the sanatorium went Erica, where two other girls were, with bad chills. 'You've just got a chill too,' said Matron. 'Now drink this, and settle down quickly into bed. I'll pop in and see you later. You'll probably be normal tomorrow, and can go back to school the next day if you're sensible.' Erica didn't

nothing I can do. If only there was something ' some way of escape from all this. But there isn't.' She turned over on to her right side, and shut her eyes again. But in a moment they were wide open. It was impossible to go to sleep. She tried lying on her back, staring up into the dark. But that didn't make her sleepy either. She heard the school clock chime out. Eleven o'clock. Twelve o'clock. One o'clock. Two o'clock. Was there ever such a long night as this? At this rate the night would

so bad-tempered for? I'd just like to know how she got on at her last school. I bet she didn't make any friends!' The twins stared across at Margery, who, as usual, had her nose buried in a book. Janet went to the third new girl, Alison. 'I suppose I mustn't say much about Alison, as she's your cousin ' but if you want my real opinion it's this ' she's a conceited, stuck-up little monkey without a single idea in her pretty little head!' 'Thanks for your opinions, Janet,' said Hilary, with a

hardly noticed them. 'Ah, there is something wrong with me!' she groaned. 'I have feared it all these weeks. I am not the same. My temper is so bad. I am so irritable. And now my eyes are wrong. I see things! I see beetles on this desk! If only I could find my glasses!' Janet picked up the empty case, quickly slipped Mam'zelle's glasses into it, from her pocket, and then took them out of the case as if they had been there all the time. She handed them to the astonished French mistress. 'Ah,

to be great fun! 'We haven't anything to drink!' whispered Winnie to Tessie, in arithmetic at the end of that morning. 'Yes, we have. I've got some ginger-beer,' whispered back Tessie. Miss Jenks caught the word 'ginger-beer'. 'Tessie, how does ginger-beer come into our arithmetic lesson?' she enquired, coldly. 'Well, it doesn't,' said Tessie, a a loss of what to say. 'Sorry, Miss Jenks'. Susan, Hetty and Nora winked at one another. They knew quite well where the ginger-beer came in! Erica

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