The Other Side of the Story: A Novel

The Other Side of the Story: A Novel

Marian Keyes

Language: English

Pages: 528

ISBN: 0060731486

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jojo Harvey is a dead ringer for Jessica Rabbit and the most ferocious literary agent in town. A former NYPD cop, she now lives in London making million-dollar book deals while trying to make partner at her firm . . . all the while sleeping with the boss man.

Lily Wright is an author who believes in karma, and is waiting for the sky to fall after stealing her former best friend's man. Though her first book failed to sell, her life turns upside down when her most recent book becomes a huge bestseller.

Gemma Hogan is an event designer extraordinaire, but her personal life is nonexistent after losing the love of her life and her best friend in one fell swoop. To make matters worse, her father has just left her mother. While taking care of her mother, she e-mails a close colleague about her frustrations, who in turn forwards the hilarious e-mails to a famous literary agent named Jojo Harvey, who just happens to represent her former friend, now enemy, Lily Wright. . . .

Written in the charming and chatty voice that has become Marian Keyes's signature style, this hilarious and heartwarming novel proves there are three sides to every story . . . especially in the world of publishing!

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will I?” “No. No is just a different type of opportunity. I don’t believe in the word no.” “But you just said it.” “No I didn’t.” Later I tried Gerry Baker, Dad’s golf partner, who did a big, fake, mortified laugh. “I thought I might be hearing from you. Well, from your mother, actually. I suppose you want me to have a word in his ear.” “Yes!” Thank Christ, someone who was prepared to help. “Would you?” “Go on outathat. He’ll come to his senses in his own good time.” Disconsolate, I rang

on here, sweetheart, I’m going to get Irina.” He left and returned a few moments later with Irina in tow. “You’re a whiz with cosmetics,” Anton told her, “You’ll fix Lily up for her photo, make her beautiful, won’t you?” “I kennot verk miracles. But I will do best.” “Thanks, Irina,” I muttered. The morning of the shoot, she stopped by before she went to work, exfoliated my face like she was scrubbing a kitchen floor, plucked my eyebrows to nonexistence, then covered me with frightening

lady approached me. After my previous knockback, I was a little less quick off the mark to press a Mimi’s Remedies into her hand. And I was right … “Can you point me toward Arts and Crafts, dear?” There was something funny with her teeth, they appeared to be moving up and down inside her mouth. Dentures. Possibly someone else’s. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I don’t work here.” “What are you doing sitting here then? Confusing people?” It was hard to concentrate on what she was saying because her teeth

messages—she’d had some “great” ideas; the invitations should be delivered personally by a handsome prince; the guests should be given goody bags on arrival—but she didn’t want to pay for them. “Ring Clinique,” she said. “And Origins and Prescriptives. Tell them we need free stuff.” Then another message. “And Decleor and Jo Malone.” And one more. “Get Lulu Guinness to design the bags.” Chapter 48 THIRD BIG THING: my date with Owen. I rang him and said, “It’s coal-scuttle Gemma. How about

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