The Practice of Cloud System Administration: Designing and Operating Large Distributed Systems, Volume 2 by Thomas A. Limoncelli (2014-09-13)

The Practice of Cloud System Administration: Designing and Operating Large Distributed Systems, Volume 2 by Thomas A. Limoncelli (2014-09-13)

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For example, most companies standardize on indenting with four (or less commonly two) spaces instead of tabs, eliminating extra blank lines at the end of files or whitespace at the end of lines, and placing a single blank line between functions, and possibly two blank lines before major sections or classes. Style guides prescribe more than just aesthetics. They also recommend particular language features over others, and often outright ban certain language features that have proved to be

that controls topology but does not require all messages to go through it. Channels may be open to anyone, or they may be tightly controlled with ACLs determining who can publish and who can subscribe. On some systems the listeners can send a reply to the message sender. Other systems do not have this feature and instead create a second channel for publishing replies. There may be one channel, or thousands. Different message bus systems are optimized for different sizes. Google’s PubSub2 system

dollars with the firm. The web load balancer detects the cookie and sends its traffic to a pool of servers that are dedicated to very important customers. Alternatively, there may be an infrequent type of transaction that is particularly burdensome, such that moving it to its own pool would prevent it from overloading the general transactions. For example, a particular query might negatively affect the cache infrastructure. Such queries might be directed to a separate set of machines that uses a

or better software. Better hardware means special-purpose CPUs, components, and storage systems. Better software means adding intelligence to a system so that it detects failures and works around them. Software solutions are favored for many reasons. First and foremost, they are more economical. Once software is written, it can be applied to many services and many machines with no additional cost (assuming it is home-grown, is open source, or does not require a per-machine license.) Software is

automated and/or scripted so that one can trigger a build that will go all the way through self-test to a deployment, or can trigger a deployment via a separate build command. • Artifact-Scripted Database Changes: Rather than manual manipulation of database schema, changes to databases are also treated as code. They are scripted, tested, versioned, and released into staging environments. • Automated Build and Release: The output of a build cycle is a valid set of application and deployment

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