The Question Book: What Makes You Tick?

The Question Book: What Makes You Tick?

Mikael Krogerus

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0393240371

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the author team behind the international bestseller The Decision Book, an open-ended approach to self-reflection.

There’s one truly great way to learn about ourselves and others: ask questions. The Question Book is just that, a book full of provocative questions, with space for you to answer. It canvasses a wide range of subjects, from the professional (How replaceable are you?) to the personal (Whose future do you have an influence on?) to the everyday (How much time do you spend on the Internet?). Intended to provoke short “yes or no” answers as well as open-ended responses, The Question Book can be used alone as a journal or as a conversation starter with a group of friends. Brief, direct, and compulsively fun to answer, each one of the more than 600 questions is an opportunity to gain insight and wisdom into our everyday lives.

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THE BOSS 153 Who is your favourite employee? Why? 154 Who is your most important employee? Why? 155 Look at your team: who is missing? (i.e. who would be good on your team) 156 Which of these qualities in employees are most important to you? Make a rank order. a. Loyalty b. Initiative c. Reliability d. Competence e. Sympathy f. Replaceability 157 What are you like? Make a rank order using the characteristics listed above. 158 Who was your favourite boss? What did you like

doing more exercise? If yes, why? 175 What was your most impressive sporting achievement? 176 Which sport would you like to be really good at? 179 Pinpoint… three problem zones. three physical features you are proud of. 178 Pinpoint… three things that you like about your partner’s body. three things that you don’t like. 179 Have you ever been on a diet? If yes, what kind? How successful was it? 180 How many times a week do you eat meat? never         1–3 times 4–7 times several

When did you last tell a lie? 317 Do you lie to yourself? What about? 318 If you found out that the child you were expecting would be born with a disability, what would your reaction be? What do you think your partner’s reaction would be? 319 Do you have an organ donor card? If not, why not? POLITICS & BELIEFS 320 When you were younger, were you for or against the following: 321 What is the biggest immigrant community in your town or area? How many members of this community do you know?

(E) What would you like to see there? 363 Best of – worst of The best hotel: The best beach: The best restaurant: The most unfriendly country: The nicest country: The worst travel experience: 364 What do you miss when you’re travelling? 365 The first thing you do when you get back from holiday: CHILDHOOD MEMORIES 366 Your first memory: 367 A happy childhood memory: 368 A smell from your childhood: 369 A word that describes your time at school: 370 Who was your favourite

405 Was I a difficult child? 406 What did I love doing as a child? 407 How well suited to my partner am I? 408 Do you worry about me, and if so, what do you worry about? 409 What do you think about what I do for a living? 410 Which of my achievements are you most proud of? LOVE 411 Do you love your partner? How do you know? 412 Does your partner love you? yes no don’t know How do you know? 413 Do you feel desired by your partner? Do you desire your partner? 414 Three things that you

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