The Ragamuffin Mystery

The Ragamuffin Mystery

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0006915582

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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lie here all day! I’ll turn my pyjama trousers up to my knees so that they are more like shorts - and keep this vest on.” And, very soon, a rather peculiar figure slipped out of the caravan, and ran down to the little village. Snubby grinned as he looked down at himself, and wondered if the old lady in the shop would notice his peculiar attire. Old Mrs. Jones, her snow-white hair tucked under the black net cap, didn’t seem at all surprised to see a small boy in vest and turned-up pyjama-legs.

asked, sleepily, thinking it was the middle of the night, although she hadn’t really been asleep very long. �Ooooh - what’s that?” �I don’t know,” said Miss Pepper, puzzled. �I heard noises - but there doesn’t seem anything to cause them.“ �Oh, Miss Pepper - they must be the noises Mr. Jones told us about!” said Diana. �He didn’t want us to have this room because of them - nor did Mrs. Jones.” �Oh yes,” said Miss Pepper. �But I really thought that was only a bit of nonsense. There - did you

astonished. �What have you been up to now, Barney?” she said. �Nothing much,” said Barney. �The men left the key of their room outside in the lock, so I just slipped out, and locked them in. They will have to wait there till the police come and let them out - because I’ve got the key in my pocket!” It was very late when at last the three boys, with Loony and Miranda, went down to the caravan to get a little sleep. Diana and Miss Pepper crawled into bed, but could not go to sleep for a long

Roger, leaping up. �The villagers must have sent them to the farm, and the farmer has told them where we are. Barney! BARNEY! BARNEY!” An answering shout came to their ears. �Hey! We’re coming! The track’s rough, though!” Soon a big car came to a stop beside the caravan, and a tall figure leapt out; Roger and Diana ran to meet it - and to greet dear old Barney, with little Miranda the monkey on his shoulder, chattering excitedly. �Hallo, hallo!” cried Barney, and hugged both Diana and Roger.

disappointment to you, to have your three weeks’ holiday broken up - so I think that if you all joined Barney - or let him join you, whichever way you like to put it - that would solve your difficulties.” �You mean - we could have your car to drive the caravan about?” asked Miss Pepper. �Oh dear - if you mean me to drive it, Mr. Martin, I’m afraid I couldn’t. It’s so big, and…” �No, no - I didn’t mean that,” said Mr. Martin. �I’ll explain. Barney and I are on a week’s holiday - and it is almost

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