The River of Adventure (Adventure Series)

The River of Adventure (Adventure Series)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 1447262824

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The final thrilling installment in Enid Blyton's Adventure series

A river cruise through ancient desert lands becomes a mysterious adventure when Bill disappears. While Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann, Jack, and Kiki the parrot are desperately searching for Bill, they become trapped beneath a forgotten temple where no one has set foot for 7,000 years. What dangers lurk within, and will they ever escape?

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The Moon Scroll (Secrets of Droon, Book 15)












was very selfish of us!’ said Jack. ‘And even you were away too, Bill. Never mind � everything seems all right when you’re here � doesn’t it, Aunt Allie?’ Mrs. Cunningham nodded. ‘Yes. Everything!’ she said. ‘Shall we all have a picnic meal up here in the bedroom, children, so that we can have a good old talk with Bill?’ It was a very hilarious meal, with Kiki more ridiculous than usual, blowing her police-whistle whenever she felt like it. Everyone got tired of this new trick very quickly,

the little ones, and even the big boy who was the guide fled too, after one look at the gliding snake. ‘Good gracious!’ said Philip, quite as startled as the native children. ‘They’ve all gone � just because I took my snake out for a meal. What a to-do!’ ‘I don’t blame them,’ said Dinah, from a distance. ‘We know the snake’s safe � but they don’t! Honestly, Philip, that was a mad thing to do. Anyway, you’ll lose the snake now, thank goodness! It won’t come back to you now you’ve let it

the kid did take us all the way to the old temple,’ said Philip, and the others agreed. ‘Whew! What a stir the snake made! I never dreamed that those kids would be so frightened.’ ‘We’re going to get into a frightful row with Bill when we get back to the launch,’ said Jack, gloomily. ‘He won’t like us being out in the dark like this.’ ‘Let’s hope he won’t be back,’ said Dinah, who had no wish to make Bill annoyed again. They made their way quickly to the river, and went on board the launch.

and the others looked in astonishment and fear. The launch was gone! ‘Oola � what’s happened?’ asked Philip, shaking him. ‘Bad men come. Bad men put Big Master and Missus on launch. Bad men get Tala and tie him up, and throw him on ground. Bad men take launch away, away down river!’ said Oola, sounding as if he were going to burst into tears. ‘Whew!’ said Jack, and flopped down on the grass, quite knocked out by all this news. The rest sat down too. ‘How do you know all this, Oola?’ said

plan or map that somehow enabled him to dig down to this passage,’ said Philip, thinking hard. ‘But instead of coming in at this side of that stone wall, they dug down just behind it. They must be trying to break the wall down. What a hope!’ ‘They’ll do it, though,’ said Jack, listening. ‘They’ve got some powerful tools. Quick, Philip, what’s our plan?’ ‘Can’t think of one. It’s all so sudden!’ groaned Philip. ‘Gosh, I’m glad to know that at any rate we’ll be able to get out of here!’ ‘Uma

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