The Road to Magic (Way of the Demon Series, Book 1)

The Road to Magic (Way of the Demon Series, Book 1)

Alexey Glushanovsky

Language: English

Pages: 200

ISBN: 2:00135698

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The world that Glushanovsky paints is wonderfully-saturated with elements from all over the fantasy genre—though this is not simply a tale of sword and sorcery. These classical fantasy figures are well-executed and have the sensibility of a seasoned Russian fantasy novel, especially since this is part of a tetralogy previously published in Russia. Readers of George R.R. Martin, Raymond Feist and Stephen R. Donaldson will adore THE ROAD TO MAGIC.

There are exciting parallel narratives at work in THE ROAD TO MAGIC. On one level we have the handsome playboy Oleg Davidov as a modern-day college student; on another level we have Oleg the demon savior of the princess; and on another level, Oleg the monster hunter. Like Harry Potter, Oleg was once a normal boy until he is magnificently transformed into something supernatural, which is later used as a commentary/comic relief tool once Oleg is a demon. That’s what you get when you dabble in magic with a demoness. Rarely does Oleg ever approach the world of fantasy as an outsider in fact he feels right at home in that world.

After Oleg resolves the princess’s plight, he then takes off to learn magic at the university but not before Oleg can slay some monsters in a few Herculean feats on his way to becoming a student of magic. Readers will also learn a lot about Russian pop culture from reading THE ROAD TO MAGIC. The complex story, moving along at a brisk pace, presents an intelligent take on the nature of fantasy gods and the human relationship to both gods and monsters.

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them was so close that should the younger partner perish, this would cause the magician very strong pain, like that when an arm is amputated. It is not surprising that dark magicians, preferring freedom and independence from everyone, no matter who, only rarely made use of the second version. But it was precisely this one that interested Oleg. The she-vampire asked him his real name, and aware of the necessity of this, Oleg told her, and she began: ‘I, Vereene del Nagall, swear on the blazing

play in his depression.’ Oleg wiped his lips and got up from the table. ‘Thank you very much for your pleasant and informative conversation. Would you be so kind as to tell me, how I can get to the Duchess’s study without happening by chance upon the young duke? I suspect he may be under some considerable confusion regarding my deeds, and I believe it would be better for me to avoid his company for the time being.’ ‘Your reasoning is most sound, young man! Most sound! On the contrary, however

new documents for Arioch of Bel, which I give to him by my rights as the head of the region, in the name of the Emperor.’ A new sheet of paper did the rounds of those present and stopped at Oleg. ‘Certificate of nobility, and titular sheet.’ Two more pieces of paper remained with Oleg after a short trip around those present. ‘Thank you, gentlemen. That will be all.’ The Duchess stood up from the table. The “gentlemen” took the hint and after a hurried goodbye, left the study. With a long sigh,

returned,’ Leya stressed that word, ‘There were only rocks and ruins here. Death was everywhere – in the ground, and on the ground. And in us, too,’ she added after a pause. ‘I couldn’t go on like that… So I decided to try to grow something alive. Just before that I’d written an essay on apple trees… So it came in handy.’ And she paused again. ‘If you like, you can gather some apples when you leave. I’ll be pleased if at least someone can eat them. They’ll only rot otherwise.’ The girl’s voice

enabling him to use it almost as a healthy one, but it was extremely painful. And if in battle his opponent managed to land a blow on his damaged arm… No, it was better to avoid battles for now. And anyhow, he didn’t have much time… It was with precisely these thoughts that Oleg, having stopped for the night at a village bar, noticed a sign: “Hunter urgently required. Preferably with magical talents. Object: an unclassified Undead. Salary for removing it: very high. Apply at the Bel Castle. For

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