The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf (The Squire's Tales)

The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf (The Squire's Tales)

Gerald Morris

Language: English

Pages: 213

ISBN: 0547014376

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Her castle under siege by an evil knight who keeps beheading all her would-be rescuers, Lady Lynet realizes the only way to get help is to get it herself. So one night she slips away and strikes out for King Arthur's court where she hopes to find a gallant knight to vanquish the Knight of the Red Lands and free her castle. Gerald Morris's latest Arthurian novel is a highly comic tale of hidden identities, mysterious knights, faeries and enchantments, damsels-in-distress, and true love.

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lady?" At that moment she believed she had seen the real person beneath his assumed self-confidence, his stilted courtly language, his exaggerated respect for Sir Lancelot. She had made little of his moment of triumph, and her scorn had laid him open as no wound could have. But when she had relented, all his ridiculous bravado had returned, and the real human being had retreated again into his borrowed armor. At last Lynet slept, but it seemed only a minute before a stirring in the night woke

that he made was somehow parried. Far faster than his opponent, Beaumains was everywhere, here slipping away from a heavy swing, there flashing a quick blow to an unprotected place on the Black Knight's armor. Some of these blows must have hit home, for soon Lynet saw smears of blood on the black iron. She could hear the Black Knight's labored breathing, but Beaumains was ominously silent. And then, leaping and swinging and turning all in one fluid movement, Beaumains reached through the Black

fiend! He was vermin!" "Ay, and he knows it, too. But it was his brother, you see." "And what if he gets killed trying to avenge his stinker of a relative? What will that prove?" Roger didn't answer. "Would you risk your life for the sake of a worthless brother?" Roger did not speak for a long time. At last he nodded. "I already have, my lady. And I may again." Lynet started to speak, but Roger continued, "And before you say anything, let me remind you that you've come all this way for the

interest in coombs and hedgerows and such matters. Roger just grinned and said, "Nothing more lovely than a field of wheat, ready to harvest." "Huh, maybe to you and that green fellow back there, but you two left Beaumains and me completely out of the conversation," Lynet said. "I've complete faith in your ability to horn into any conversation you want, my lady. And as for Beaumains, he has no conversation. Our Beau doesn't have two thoughts in his head to rub together to make a fire with. All

Morgan admitted, "but not really. Even in families where the faery strain is strong, you never know where it will come out. In my own family, my sisters and I are enchantresses, but among my nephews only Gawain shows his faery blood. As for his brothers Gaheris, Agrivaine, and especially that nincompoop Gareth, they're as earthbound as mud clods. And your sister, well, she's far too foolish to be anything but pure human, as you'll soon be able to observe firsthand. It is time you went back to

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