The Second Rumpole Omnibus

The Second Rumpole Omnibus

John Mortimer

Language: English

Pages: 672

ISBN: 0140089586

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Horace Rumpole turns down yet another invitation to exchange the joys and sorrows of life as an Old Bailey hack for the delights of the sunshine state, where Senior Citizens loll on beaches and the sarcastic tones of the Mad Bull are heard no more. He settles instead for the beaded bubbles of Chateau Pommeroy's ordinary claret.

Sex & Spandex: The Quest for the Kai

The Million Dollar Policeman

Private Eye [UK], Issue 1328 (30 November - 13 December 2012)

The Official Michiganians' Guide to Ohio Jokes
















after him, Henry, like a terrier. Get your teeth into the man Blythe, and don’t let him go until he disgorges the loot.’ I looked at Henry’s desk and my eyes were greeted with the unusual and welcome sight of a brief bearing the Rumpole name. ‘Is that a set of papers for me you’re fingering?’ I asked with assumed indifference. ‘Mr Myers brought it in, sir. It’s a case at the Bailey.’ Henry confirmed the good news. ‘God bless old Myersy. A man who pays up from time to time.’ I looked at the

I saw my learned friend, Erskine-Brown, already in place among the tasters, who were twirling minute quantities of wine in their glasses, holding them nervously up to the light, sniffing at them with deep suspicion and finally allowing a small quantity to pass their lips. They were mainly solemn-looking characters in dark three-piece suits, although there was one female in a tweed coat and skirt, a sort of white silk stock, sensible shoes and a monocle. She looked as though she’d be happier

perfectly right. I agree with what he has said and I have nothing to add.’ ‘There is another law, Mr Rumpole.’ Miss Beasley spoke quietly, but very firmly. ‘The higher law of God’s justice.’ ‘I’m afraid you won’t find they’ll pay much attention to that in the Chancery Division.’ I hated to disillusion her. ‘Miss Beasley insisted we saw you, Mr Rumpole. But you have only confirmed my own views. Legally, we haven’t got a leg to stand on.’ Mr Pontefract was gathering up his papers, ready for the

room and said, ‘I’m so glad I could find you a legal problem more in your line, Horace.’ I looked at her with gratitude. No doubt it was Jackie who had had the wisdom to choose Rumpole for the defence, and her solicitor Tonkin who had been weak-minded enough to choose Featherstone as a leader. ‘I think it would help if you were just to tell us your story in your own way,’ Featherstone kicked off the conference. I was sure that it would help him; no doubt he’d been far too busy with his

I could never dig up the Underground!’ I saw Nick look at me then, and somehow it wasn’t the look of unqualified admiration which I had been used to when he came home from school and dropped in on my murders. ‘I don’t think I could do your job either,’ he said. ‘Oh, come on Nick. The Old Bailey’s not so bad. You can have quite a lot of good, clean fun down the Bailey.’ ‘Is that what you were having this morning?’ I’d had enough of the cheese sandwich and felt for the box of small cigars. ‘I

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