The Sh*tfaced Games: A Shot at Glory and Gold for the Wasted Warrior

The Sh*tfaced Games: A Shot at Glory and Gold for the Wasted Warrior


Language: English

Pages: 51

ISBN: 2:00188470

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Drinking games are a pastime that bring out the best (and worst) in party-goers—a crossroads where fierce competition and drunken abandon meet. The Sh*tfaced Games takes the tradition to the next level by giving average folks their own chance to compete with their friends at something they're good at: drinking.

In the spirit of the Olympiad, this book presents fifty drinking games from around the world from Ice Rink Drink to Alcohol Archery, and each is given a rating of bronze (“tipsy"), silver (“drunk"), or gold (“completely sh*tfaced") to help readers figure out exactly how drunk they are bound to get. The games are interspersed with commentary from stand-up comedian HogWild, drinking trivia, Games-inspired cocktail recipes, and a handful of illustrations throughout.

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alcohol-soaked puck! Game 25 Act Out, Spazz Out Have you ever wanted to be a Hollywood actor? Now is your chance! In this game you will act out scenes and get drunk, just like real Hollywood stars! How to Play The Shitfaced Referee will take scraps of paper and write an international sporting event and a country on each paper. For example, the one hundred–meter dash in Germany, the breaststroke in Canada, and so forth. Divide everyone into two teams. One player from each team is

hockey puck. Most people will do this by stomping it with their foot—but you’re not most people. You’re smarter than that. You know it will be more impressive if you smash the can flat on your head. Chicks dig a dude with a semipermanent beer ring on his forehead. NOTE: Next time empty the can first. In this game you will use brooms, mops, or hockey sticks as, er, hockey sticks. Very basic hockey rules are in effect. Therefore, checking is okay but no high-sticking, hooking, or any foul play.

other player must leave the game to sit in the penalty box for the next two minutes and drink a beer. If he answers incorrectly, he leaves the game to the penalty box for the next two minutes, drinking the suds of the gods. This causes a power play, in which one team has one less player on the “ice.” If neither player answers, they are both sent to the penalty box, and every member of both teams must do a shot. Whenever you score a goal, every member of the other team must do a shot. Decide

as Molson. Mix in Canadian maple syrup from the maple leaf nation. Chug it fast with the speed of Ben Johnson! Let everyone know you drank highly sweetened beer like a pansy-ass! Now you’ve experienced the shame of Ben Johnson! Game 41 Shots on Goal! Everybody loves ice hockey! And by everybody, I mean people who live in cold countries that suck at basketball. Ha ha! How to Play In this drinking game you will be getting “pucked up” (see what I did there?) by playing three-on-three hockey

an . . . Inappropriate drunk Or do you go up to a good-looking person and begin rambling, “Esss, q’s eeee. I’d like to make a toast. Isn’t that a stupid phrase? I want a drink, not breakfast . . . unless it’s with you tomorrow morning. I hope you don’t have morning breath. Speaking of harsh breath, did you know that in Western mythology dragons are evil fire-breathers, but in Eastern lore dragons are good heavenly creatures? What both cultures can agree on is that unicorns are gay. I can

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